PlayStation 4’s 5 Most Exciting Upcoming Exclusives

GameRant- These five titles are set to release for the PS4 within the next few years, and each one has potential to be a massive hit. Furthermore, all five of the games on this list are exclusive to the PS4, which will boost the console’s value and solidify it as a must-own gaming system.

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Relientk772112d ago

Good list

I'm looking forward to all 5 of these games

amiga-man2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Good? it's a fantasic lineup, PS4 owners have a lot to look forward to for sure.

Bring it on Sony bring it on.

GameNameFame2112d ago

There are so many other games that people need to look out for...

I mean my most anticipated game is new Valkyria game.

joab7772112d ago

Me too. But Persona 5 must be in there. I know it's coming to PS3 but ...

GordonKnight2112d ago

I don't think it's an exclusive. Also, FF7 remake may come to the NX.

demonddel2112d ago

@Gordon Knight if it does come to the Nintendo system how would that make you feel

nitus102112d ago

I do agree that those games are a must for millions of PS4 owners.

Even though I am interested in all of them the two that have really garbed my attention are "Detroit: Become Human" and "Horizon: Zero Dawn" mainly because they appear to be new IP.

I am aware that "The Last Guardian" could be considered new IP but we have been waiting so long that I will believe it when I see it.

As for "Uncharted 4" that for me is a definite.

Now for "Final Fantasy 7". It is a remake with extra added features as well as being episodic which could be interesting. Would I buy it? Yes I would eventually even though I did originally play the PS1 version, however my game was stolen before I could finish the game.

Of course there are other games coming to the PS4 with many being third party which will suit a variety of tastes.

robtion2112d ago

Indeed. All great looking games. I'm personally excited about Detroit, as I have wanted a game based on Kara ever since they first showed it.

Seems it could have easily been the PS4's 10 most exciting exclusives though. So many games coming next year.

Ratchet and Clank and Nier Automata both look cool. Not sure Wild will make 2016 but it looks amazing too.

Channel-Live2112d ago

I feel the same about both consoles. It's just great to be a gamer, period. Quantum Break also looks great. I have a friend in playing The Division alpha right now and he said prepare to be amazed

just_looken2112d ago

So were not going to mention 2 of these games were suppose to be on ps3 but made it on play station 4 do to development times?

ALso that one is a remake?

Horizon and uc4 only ones worth full retail price day 1.

LeCreuset2112d ago

You seem mad. People have been looking forward to TLG since last gen, and now the tech is there for them to realize their vision with PS4. Wouldn't that make fans excited? And what's the other game you're talking about?

Wallstreet372111d ago

You sound mad about something. Need a tissue? WTF does the development t changing from PS3 to ps4 got to do with anything?

Not to mention ps4 has way more than those 5 games to look forward to in 2016 lol their lineup is the best out of anyone's period.

Off the top of my mind

Mlb The Show

And many others

TheCommentator2111d ago

Why is Final Fantasy listed as an exclusive? We don't know where else it will end up yet, but it's never advertized as an exclusiive either.

Artemidorus2111d ago

It's clear that Playstation are the only one getting it for now.

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Paytaa2112d ago

Uncharted 4 is easily my top PS exclusive.

Paytaa2112d ago

Btw the beta is so much fun. Gameplay is smooth as butter.

TwoForce2112d ago

Well, you got that right.

Mr-Dude2112d ago

Hmm, i don't like the mp that much. Feels way to op with al those extra's like curses, sidekicks and those shitty grenadelaunchers!

In my opinion, it needs more balance

ninsigma2112d ago

All of those. They all look amazing. Can't wait till each one of their releases.

AudioEppa2112d ago

I'm looking forward to all those games, can't wait to see what new exclusives get revealed in 2016. Hopefully most of them follow the same genres talked about within this article.

Rookie_Monster2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Looking forward to Uncharted 4, Horizon, and SFV the most. 2016 should be an amazing year for PS4.

So excited by those games that I already preordered both SFV and Uncharted 4 at my local gamestop.

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Italiano12345672112d ago

31 disagree Lol bullshit obviously a 31 Xbox fans...look at Sony's 2016 lineup. One of the best in history

Fatdrinkofwater2112d ago

Lol no its sony fans disagreeing with him because they think hes being fake for likes or to stealth troll.

Its all bs i got no beef with u rookie i prefer xbox too but gtfo here with that well said to xbox fans downvoting u lol u know why u got downvotes.

Ezz20132111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I agree with you
Ps4 lineup is off the charts beyond amazing.

about Rookie comment though
all you need to do is read his comment history and you will undestand why he has soo many disagrees.

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Christopher2111d ago

Why are the release dates completely wrong in your image? Not even GameStop has had those dates for those items listed at date that at any time.

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