Dirt Rally targeting 60fps on PS4/Xbox one

DiRT Rally is hitting consoles next year. Producer Darren Hayward confirms 60 frame per second on ps4 on twitter.

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freshslicepizza3135d ago

i don't see a problem, it isn't very demanding on the pc. try playing wreckfest on the pc by comparison.

dirt rally is the best racing game i've played in quite some time, love it!

creeping judas3135d ago

That's good to know, I've been waiting for a good rally game since Collin McRae Racing back in the day.

RedDeadLB3135d ago

I meant well, wasn't skeptical. Dirt Rally is awesome!

chandamon3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Good luck mate!

Killa783135d ago

Won't somebody think of the ice patches!!

Angerfist3135d ago

It was 60 fps on F1 2015 with up too 21 AI Cars so it would have been weird to not be 60 fps with a single car on track.

WellyUK3135d ago

ye but f1 2015 looks average and is broken...

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