GamePlasma: Madden NFL 09 Review

Beau King from GamePlasma writes:

"As with any franchise, a rollercoaster of quality will ensue over the years. Luckily in its 20th year Madden proves to be on the upswing. Developers have finally taken somewhat of a step back and made a product that can appeal to a wider range of the gaming public. Those ignorant to the sport may even be able to hop on the trainer and learn a thing or two. On the other end however, true Maddenites have enough to satiate an appetite and feel less guilty about shelling yet another $60+."

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hokiebonoz3720d ago

This game needs more credit

super bill3719d ago

espn 2k5 is still better than madden 09.say,s alot for ea there madden 09 is getting crap year by year.