Yakuza 5: What It Is and Why You Should Care

We’re finally on the eve of the release of the US Version of Yakuza 5, a game that many have been patiently waiting for. Whether you are a fan of the series or someone who is curious what all the fuss is about for a digital game being released on the PS3 I figured I’d write a bit about what to expect from the game as someone who wasn’t able to wait and played the import version of the game.

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Herbalistic2116d ago

I haven't played any of the Yakuza games yet but they look fun in terms of gameplay

NewMonday2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Yakuza gives you a compressed piece of Tokyo and its culture

when I visited there for the first time I was surprised how familiar it seems just from playing the Yakuza games

kingdomtriggers2116d ago

People often talk about the mini games and such, but Yakuza is also so underrated in terms of its interesting characters and narrative.

Ashlen2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

I approved this before reading it. I really disagree with everything after reading it though.

Firstly almost everyone who has played it agrees it's the best of the series in fact this is the first time I have seen anyone say it's not. The story is longer the mini games are refined over previous games the graphics are greatly improved especially the npcs and there are more types of substories. And the combat is also greatly improved with far more Heat moves (that are also in many ways more fun to watch) and many more techniques to improve combat.

I mean it's kind of sad to say the only reason someone should play this is because it's another Yakuza game. I mean sure if you have played the previous games you'll get more out of it but I'd hardly say it's fair to say you need to play them to enjoy the game. The game's story does a good job of explaining the motivations for the characters actions.

This ended up being a terrible review that does more to discourage people from buying the game than anything else.

Gwiz2116d ago

It's a good way of slowly saying goodbye to exclusive PS3 support.

Summons752116d ago

It's Yakuza, best game about gangs ever (yeah that's right better than GTA) and the reason you should care is it's amazing and doesn't get enough attention causing us to miss out for a year or more on installments.

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