Was Fallout 4 Really Worth The Hype?

It’s been exactly a month since everyone’s favourite Fallout 4 landed on the consoles and PC, the game quickly rose to success and received numerous accolades and was also nominated for the Game of the Year award.

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Agreed! I'm on my 2nd run thru and still loving every minute,also I feel better prepared for my choices I make this time.

nX2114d ago

I started my second character yesterday as well. This time as a woman/melee/jedi character since I found some lightsaber mods on the Nexus :D Really fun to play.

mikeslemonade2114d ago

Nope, not drinking the koolaid. These WRPGs are too bland.

Bansai2113d ago

game didn't even come close to what I've been waiting for, in big part due to crappy dialogues and weak plot.

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disguymango2114d ago

Just finished at lvl 40 on the first run as a melee fighter with no power armor. Now on my second run as a stealth player. Still go back and forth between the two players, this game is fun. The world is big, lots to explore and lots may have been missed.

scark922114d ago

Its exactly what I expected, more fallout, so for me it was!

Paytaa2114d ago

Well worth the hype. I took off launch day from work just to be the scum of the earth and play Fallout all day and for weeks to come. Taking a break from it now but I'll come back, I mean I was still playing Fallout 3/New Vegas years after they came out.

Gh05t2114d ago

My first thought from reading the first sentence...

"Wow ive been playing it for a month already?"

^^That pretty much answered the question too.

Hroach6162114d ago

I know right. Not too many games can either hold my interest even remotely that long anymore. Or, I've completely wrapped long ago. I'm still on my first play through, at lv 43 now. I think I'm almost done the main campaign but I still have plenty to do with side quests. And I know there is still a ton more to explore so most likely even more missions yet to do.

This games awesome. Deserves all the hype it got and didn't disappoint...

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The story is too old to be commented.