Geek Reviews: Braid

Geek's Sal Cangeloso writes:

If you've followed the Braid story at all, it's been incredible to see the hype mount behind this indie game. It seems to have brewed the perfect storm of a highly regarded developer, along with a timely release on the Xbox 360, and a game that just plain looks cool. It hit the Xbox marketplace on August 6th for 1200 points.

When you look past the all-star developer, the months of articles leading up to the release, Microsoft pushing for the 1200 point price, and all that, what you have left is an impressively unique platformer. The game is quite Mario-like (it is an homage in some ways), and you basically walk around, jumping when necessary, sometimes landing on enemies to kill them. There is even a save-the-princess spin to the storyline, which ends up being interesting enough to follow, but not make the game.

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