Does it Hold Up? - Titanfall


"Launched in March of last year on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, Titanfall was the inaugural release from software developer Respawn Entertainment, a team founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella, who broke away from Activision and Infinity Ward to form the company in 2010. As you might expect from the former developers of the Call of Duty series, it's a six-on-six multiplayer first-person shooter that pits groups of players against one another across a variety of futuristic battlefields."

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Lennoxb631668d ago

It more than holds up. The community is still thriving.

MetroidFREAK211668d ago

I hopped on about 4 days ago... 4,300 people on Xbox One is not thriving...

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ThePope1668d ago

The game is almost 2 years old. I jump on and play hard point a few times a week and never wait for a game. That's thriving. That game is a 9 all day in my book. It,just needed more content. But is still amazing.

Pintheshadows1667d ago


I wish it had more customisation and content, but the foundation is really strong.

I have high hopes for the sequel.

poppinslops1668d ago

Yeah, I got the bundle and I still play a few rounds every week or so - I've gotta be in 'the zone' though, 'cause it's such a demanding experience... that said, I've gotten pretty good at getting through a match without dying, whilst still getting a decent amount of Pilot/Titan kills.

Can't wait to see what they do with the sequel - a campaign could be interesting, but I mostly just want an even more intense version of the multiplayer experience... Destructible environments might be fun and I'd love to see a melee-focused Titan, but I'd be still be happy if Titanfall 2 was basically just a bunch of new maps - the first one still has the best set of FPS maps that I've ever seen.

MetroidFREAK211668d ago

@WarCloud... Replying to a comment... Not the article... Are you daft?

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Immorals1668d ago

Well yeah. Black ops 3 movement can't hold a candle to titanfalls!

CrunchyToadRoll1668d ago

Its case holds up about 10 other games I've gotten in the mean time...but in all seriousness, I played the shit out of this game. It's got big robots.

spicelicka1668d ago

This game is just awesome, can't wait for titanfall 2.