What does Rainbow Six Siege need to survive?


"I love Rainbow Six Siege. It’s an incredibly deep tactical shooter that rewards team communication, patience, and outwitting your opponents more than outshooting them. There’s nothing quite like it in the FPS space, and I really hope to see it thrive for years to come. Only thing is, love begets concern, and Siege is not without problems that make me worry for its future, especially on the PC. Here are a few things I think Siege needs to firmly plant a stake in the competitive shooter scene for the long haul."

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THC CELL2107d ago

*Rank games should disable party chat.
* hostage should be able to be moved freely.
* should be able to cut power to buildings
Rainbow six always had night vision goggles attached to players.
* less lazy attachments
* last man standing everyman for self matches.
* a flying mini drone
* casino level
* clan system

daBUSHwhaka2107d ago

Game modes that dont require teamwork.Every game gets played like its COD.Players rushing in, no communication, its a teamwork game.Stick in sum TDM or DM for those who want to play lonewolf.Fix those servers also.

theFAYEsorceress2107d ago

better character customization- they should have let you create your own operator and just chose what class or perks you wanted. an upgrade system would have been nice.

more weapons mods - pretty muxh everything has the same stuff, not very fun to unlock and there's no individuality in weapon loadouts.

health system - while slow health regen would have been nice, they could of at least put in med packs or some way of healing. also, that STUPID black and white vision that you have when you're low on health. wtf is that?

and no 3rd person cover system? that was a horrible choice to leave that out, imo. it's a fun game overall, but doesn't deserve the "rainbow six" title. there's pretty much zero chance of having a cover system at this point, but i'm still hopeful...

2107d ago
TheCommentator2107d ago

Sorry, but if you have a group of friends playing as a team against these COD-tards they don't stand a chance. It's like playing against bad AI, and I can only imagine how pissed they get trying to kill us. Team based games need to stay team based. Rainbow Six is tactical because it's realistic and it needs to stay that way.

Example: If you want to watch a movie with production values like Rambo, would you sit down with Saving Private Ryan instead and then complain about how it was made?

Sainox162107d ago

Completely forgot about nvg/thermal goggles but it'd be a terrific addition

xReDeMpTiOnx2107d ago

When I saw disable party chat I stopped reading.

This game if anything recently needs party chat, teamwork is the most essential thing in this game

Mikefizzled2107d ago

That's what in game chat is for. I applauded Call of Duty for taking a stand against party chat in Modern Warfare 2. Force everyone in a game to be in the same chat and you should get some teamwork.

xReDeMpTiOnx2107d ago

In game chat is trash compared to party chat. Way more mic break ups and static.

I never play ranked without my group of 5 so we are always in party chat

Elwenil2107d ago

A different publisher?

AnotherProGamer2107d ago

How will that help it survive?

thepatientgamer2107d ago

Oh. I don't know: Intriguing hostage rescuing scenarios that may follow an overarching plot. This would obviously allow for new and exciting set pieces that could inspire new and exciting multiplayer levels. Also, adding Challenge levels with different requirements to successfully "complete" the level. AI teammates with squad commands. Leaderboards for competitive speed runs under specific situations (i.e. no kills, etc.) which would prolong the competitive angle of it. And obviously single player co-op which you could complete with friends.

Basically all of the other things that Rainbow Six games allowed, albeit with the "new" emphasis on cooperative play and destructible environments.

Moe-Gunz2107d ago

Continue to add what you're already doing. Keep it focused on team play and stray away from being like COD no matter how much people complain (usual the people who just want another run and gun shooter).

This is one of the best MP games I've ever played. Love the intense moments. Definitely not for everyone though.

Retro19772107d ago

Would also be nice if we could choose the level and type of game we play in terrorist hunt mode.

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