Develop: The latest Intel - We talk Larrabee with Intel's Aaron Coday

Develop writes: "With Siggraph taking place in Los Angeles, graphics processing is once again a hot topic amongst developers. Intel is of course one voice in the fray, pushing its new codenamed-Larrabee GPU. We spoke to Aaron Coday, manager of the EMEA visual computing group…

Although a x86 processor, Larrabee is a different undertaking than Intel's other chip efforts, offering a multi-purpose many-core unit that can handle graphics functions as well as more broader computing ones. Performance graphs and more detail can be found in Intel's official 2008 Siggraph paper on Larrabee, entitld 'Larrabee: A Many-Core x86 Architecture for Visual Computing' can be found here. The first versions of Larrabee are expected to arrive later this year with the first commercial products powered by the chip, including video cards, pegged to roll out by early 2010."

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