Gravity Rush PS4 Screenshot Comparison Shows It Is Not A Simple Remaster, Upgraded Lighting & More

Gravity Rush Remastered is now available in Asia and Japan for the PlayStation 4. This remaster was made by Bluepoint Games and judging from the early screenshots and footage that users have seen so far, it looks absolutely beautiful on the PS4.

DarkOcelet3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

"Bluepoint Games have previously worked on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and this is their second remaster for PS4. Since we have already seen the extensive work that Bluepoint Games did for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, it should be no surprise to expect the same from them for Gravity Rush."

Wait, Bluepoint are doing the Remaster? No wonder it looks so damn good. Insta buy for me.

Sir_Simba3146d ago

I had no idea either. This is gonna be awesome. I really hope they give them another game next.

FullmetalRoyale3146d ago

You know you do your job well when you become a well known name, like Bluepoint. When they are attached it lets me know it'll be a cut above the rest. Love their work.

Cryptcuzz3146d ago

I was going to get it regardless, but when I found out in the article that the same people that was responsible for the Nathan Drake collection, did the remaster for this game, I just can't wait for the game to come to the states even more. Might be my first import actually (since it has English texts in the Asia version)

BlackPhillip6663146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Not forgetting Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on PS3

Bathyj3146d ago

Bluepoint. Thats all you had to say.

TwoForce3146d ago

They did a great Job with Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection. So yeah, i have no doubt about them.

badz1493146d ago

The game is already up and running on the Asia PSN. Love the game on Vita although I haven't finish it yet. The left analog stick for my Vita is broken, that's why. Great game and I'm tempted to buy it again on PS4. I'll highly recommend it for those who have not try it on Vita. It's a great game!

Dangerous3145d ago

Bluepoint one of the best Studio games ever after Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, can't wait for gravity rush west release.

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SniperControl3146d ago

I have yet to play this game properly, i have it in my Vita Library but my game backlog is pretty horrendous at the moment.

IanTH3146d ago

I find traversal/mechanics of getting around the game world to be one of the most important aspects of a game. You nail that, even the down moments are entertaining. I love the gravity mechanic in this game, the power sliding, just a wonderfully made game. Great soundtrack to boot. I'd suggest finding at least half an hour to give the game a go. See if it sucks you in like it did me back around the time I got my Vita.

XabiDaChosenOne3145d ago

Who are you telling? Its to the point where I still have the Kingdomhearts 2 remaster for the PS3 still in wraps.

corroios3146d ago

Damn what an upgrade. Bluepoint Games are the best on the market in remastering games. The evolution is very nice indeed.

no_more_heroes3146d ago

This game looks interesting so I'm almost certainly gonna pick it up.

jukins3146d ago

Now that I know bluepoint is doing it um definitely gonna buy. I liked it on vita gonna he amazing on ps4 with bluepoint