GI.Biz Interview: Dynamo's Stuart Reid writes: "Dynamo Games was set up by three graduates from Dundee who started out doing research for the local university, but soon found themselves working on a mobile version of one of the best-known football franchises in the world - Championship Manager.

Following two Tiga awards and a Scottish BAFTA award, the company's achieved a good reputation, and here technical director Stuart Reid talks about Dynamo's first five years, what lessons he's learned, and the challenges facing the mobile industry.

Q: Dynamo's a company that was set-up by graduates, but five years on it must be a very different place now?

Stuart Reid: Oh yes, we're nine staff now, looking to move offices, and also recruit more people - we don't want to be sitting on each other's knees, so we're looking for more office space at the moment."

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