The First Ever Open World Lego PS Vita Game Officially Announced.

The First Ever Open World Lego PS Vita Game Has Officially been Announced. That's right you Lego fans, for the first time ever us PS Vita owners will be able to experience a console version of Lego on the go. The VitaBoys have confirmed that Lego Avengers will be free roam on the PS Vita, and very likely identical to the console version of the title.

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slinky1234562115d ago

Finally. I felt very ripped off even when some of the titles went on sale for around $6 on Vita versions of the game. They describe them as the same game would of thought they were the same game.

Vitalogy2115d ago

Well, I guess after the last LEGO game I played on the Vita - Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey I think - I'll finally get to experience the real deal of LEGO games on the Vita. LoC, like HP Y1-4 and LotR were all semi-open world which wasn't too bad, but from those on it was a complete mess and rip-off games from Tt.

Can't wait for this one though :)