PlayTV saved files no longer transferable - Sony: HD signals not recordable at launch

Sony has told Eurogamer that PlayTV will not allow saved video files be transferred to PSP, PC, or memory sticks.

Instead, the PS3 telly-recorder will only be able to stream live or recorded content to your PSP using remote play functionality.

Sony Cambridge, the studio making the software for PlayTV, had told us there was no copy protection or time restrictions on the standard format recordings, which could be moved freely onto all manner of storage devices.

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UGA_13718d ago

I still hope they can bring this to the US though, those out there using a cable card with no cable box could make use of this for the channel guide along with the dvr being an added bonus.

Lumbo3718d ago

No they can't, as it only has a receiver for DVBT, no way to link the cable to it. And there is no DVBT broadcasting at all in the US = useless box

masterg3718d ago


That doesn't mean they can't release a DVB-C PlayTV for cable (both needed in US and Europe). Or a DVB-T/C for that matter.

Just like all the LCD TV's in Europe only had DVB-T in the begining, but now half of them has both DVB-T and DVB-C.

UGA_13716d ago

Who are the disagree bandits around here?

whoelse3718d ago

That sucks but i can see why they did it.

Ben10543718d ago

make it so it can at least put on psp

sinncross3718d ago

No HD signals yet?

on, a patch cud fix that though it shud been available at launch.
ALso i understand the copying thing, but they shud make it at least transferable to PSP instead of just remote play.

Fishy Fingers3718d ago

Well PlayTV only offers you freeview channels, none of which are even in HD for the next few years so I dont see that as a problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.