Xbox Live not Microsoft's killer app?

Reuters suggest that Xbox Live may not be the killer app for the 360 as Microsoft both hopes and promotes as such. Popular analyst David Cole believes the Xbox platform so far has only appealed to "a solid base of hardcore gamers who are drawn to its first person shooters." He calls the Live user segment "small" noting that of the 6 million gamers that purchased Halo 2, only a third of those ventured online.

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Gears5252d ago

Ok yeah and the Playstation Network is better LOL. NOT

Rooted_Dust5252d ago

You paid for games like GOW and Halo2 for their multiplayer components, why should you have to pay again just to play them? Why does Microsoft have to charge and all the games I play multiplayer on my PC are free? You already paid for an ISP, MS is just being a parasite.

Gears5252d ago

For the server maintenance and bandwidth now don't they? It doesn't matter if its free, it has more support than most online PC games, IE more USERS. So it doesn't matter if it isn't free, it is alot better than any free service. I don't mind paying, what do you have to pay to play World of Warcraft? More than Live and that is one game, all 360 games are online, so you get you money's worth.

bung tickler5252d ago

you could say the same thing about WoW then you payed for the game then you have to pay each month to play... yet minllions play and its like 4x more expensive to play just that ONE game than it is for XBL to play all games.

mellowspaz5252d ago

Another reason why multiplayer PC games are free (outside of MMORPG's) is because dedicated PC gamers often buy servers to support the games they play. Most Clans will split the costs of running a dedicated server so they can have less lag for clan matches.

Going back to the article, live isn't killer app to me (if it was free then it definitely would be). I feel however, I am getting my moneys worth.

Shadow Flare5252d ago

Microsofts not exactly poor yet sony provides free online multiplayer?

It comes down to Microsoft wants every penny it can squeeze. 'Microsoft Points' is a psychological way of doing that instead of using dollars and what the hells with consumables?

dantesparda5251d ago (Edited 5251d ago )

Ok, can you little fanboy fvcks explain to me how xbox live is better than online on the PC? why because you can see when your friends come in? cuz otherwise everything that can be done on live is easily done on the PC? what the lag? one of the main reason for lag on the PC is the dial-up users. So what is it? what makes it so much better? What, being sold all this junk on there is what makes it so great
And are you forgetting that PSU charges for online and i forget what other game is supposed to also, but more will be coming, count on it.

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5asawi5252d ago

its free - lag free - no one is charging u for something u already own - just launched and already over 20 demos avialable - not full of jurks and retards who thinks they are hardcore gamers lol - and nobody is complaining about it. sounds better to me.

Gears5252d ago

"Xbox Live allows free game downloads, video chat sessions and more, but its main success is allowing gamers to play competitively against others online, often in violent games. Some 4 million subscribers pay $50 per year for the service."

Yeah but the PS3 network doesn't have over 4 million users does it, does it allow movie and TV Show downloads? Does it have a unified friends list? So yeah that is a couple of things right there that make the PS# network worse.

Asuka5252d ago

actually, PSN can have movie downloads because Sony does own their own movie studios, so they will not be fined for uploading movies onto PSN, like how Live was for a few things.

Doesn't matter to me though, as long as i can play my games online, i'm happy. I use both Networks, and i like them both.

MicroGamer5250d ago

It defeats the purpose of Blu Ray to offer movie downloads. Why would PS3 owners go out and buy Blu Ray discs, when they can just download the movies they want to the hard drive for less money?? Offering downloadable movies ensures that Sony loses the optical format war.

THWIP5252d ago

....this guy reminds me of that dumbass, who thinks PC MMO's will bring about the end of consoles, after this generation. :rolleyes:

Vino5252d ago

It doesn't mention the PS3 stick to the topic, besides the guy who wrote the articel deosn't know what he's talking about.

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