There's a New WipEout Compilation Album Coming Next Year from CoLD SToRAGE

We've heard whispers of a new game being produced behind the scenes for the PlayStation VR, but nothing has been announced by Sony. This year is the 20th anniversary of the gravity-defying racer, and to celebrate it one of the game's original musicians is releasing a new album of WipEout songs, albeit a little differently.

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Hoffmann2114d ago

So are they new songs now which have never been in a WpeOut game and therefore they are not really WipeOut Music or are these remixes of the WipeOut music?

waltyftm2114d ago

Remix by the sounds of it, 2097 whistle trip.

Fist4achin2114d ago

Some of the best music ever to accompany a game!

donwel2114d ago

Too bad Sony shut down Liverpool studio, those guys did some fine work.

brando0082114d ago

Awesome. Love WipEout, though I lost my 2048 save :P Wicked tunes