John Lewis has started stocking a VR headset

Straight-laced, stiff upper-lipped, very-sensible middle class British High Street retailer John Lewis has got all modern, like, by adding a virtual reality headset to its shelves.

"The release of the Freefly in John Lewis stores this Christmas marks a true firing pistol moment for VR production, and the start of mass adoption outside of the pure PC gamer market,” co-founder of the demo developer Rewind Solomon Rogers said.

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HOOHAARR2107d ago

Bought my TV from there, cheaper than anywhere else with free 5 yr guarantee thrown in

alfcrippinjr2107d ago

oohhh so does this mean i can watch porn on a vr headset

its a dead format it was tried a longtime ago and that got no where

plus it more likely going to damage your eye eyesight on the long run