Why will Microsoft stick around in games? Xbox One dev on upcoming games

Next November, the company will hit its 15-year anniversary since they launched the original Xbox and it doesn't sound like Microsoft is leaving gaming anytime soon.

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Herbalistic2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I want MS to stick around in the gaming industry.They just need to remember which industry they are apart of when building the next Xbox..Their first party studios need more freedom to create different franchises outside of already established ones..I really believe 343/Lionhead/The Coalition could offer way more than they are allowed to..There is no reason why a talented studio like Playground should be stuck creating Forza spin offs.

AizenSosuke2115d ago

Thank you I been wanting to say this for a long time but I might get "attacked" by fandom!

Kartmart2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I love how you guys focus on what 3 studios are making and pretend they all hate working on those franchises. What makes you think these studios do not want to work on these franchises? There has been no indication these studios are being forced to make them ... at all.

Meanwhile you completely ignore:
-kinect sport
-sunset overdrive
-sea of thieves
-quantum break

And plenty of other new IP all within this generation so far that have been published or developed by MS.

You guys act like it is crazy to do ANY continuation on well established franchises. Did you guys complain about a 4th uncharted, 3rd infamous, another gran turismo, (since racing games are so abhorrent) 4th killzone, 5th street fighter, 3rd shenmue, etc. Why is it good for one company to do both but not the other?

The reality is you need a balance of what people buy the platform for AND new stuff, and MS is doing that.

Paytaa2115d ago

As a die hard fan of Xbox for the past 14 years, I completely agree. 343 knows how to craft a great FPS but they shouldn't have to be glued to only Halo, The Coalition should revisit their Shangheist project and Playground should broaden their horizons (no pun intended).

I also want to know more regarding the first party devs that haven't released anything yet. The original Xbox took risks and had many IP. Sure some were very obscure and didn't reach mass appeal but atleast there was a solid effort. The later half of the 360 lifespan was an embarrassment in terms of first party exclusives. Xbox One seems to be going in the right direction as of now.

Godmars2902115d ago

Have to ask what makes you think 343 can do more than Halo, when the only thing they've done, the only reason they exist, is Halo.

Also need to ask when has MS ever afforded studios directly under them creative freedom?

If they stay with consoles, it'll likely be for a presence in the living room. With Kinect out of the picture and their always online plans equally ruined they'll never be able to make a link/dependency with the general consumer, so all they've got are gamers.

Paytaa2115d ago

@Godmars290 That is some failed logic. That's like saying Bungie was never able to make another game after Pathways Into Darkness yet they went on to make Marathon, Myth, Halo and Destiny. MS from what developers have said is that they do allow creative freedom. If you ever followed Bungie years ago when they first were aquired you would know that Microsoft really didn't influence anything beyond the name Combat Evolved.

Xbox from the get go was to take a bite into the living room market. That was the whole point. It's not like Playstation and Nintendo are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts.

Godmars2902115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

It only comes off as failed logic to you because as someone who wants Xbox to succeed, you're ignoring their shortcomings.

Where Bungie became a thing because some guys wanted to make games, 343 exists because MS wanted to continue Halo and Bungie had bought themselves out. They bought themselves out specifically because they didn't want to keep making Halo.

That Destiny is what it is is besides the point. None of which answers the question of what else 343 has done which isn't Halo related.

MS got into consoles trying to create a cheap alternative for PC gamers who couldn't afford a PC. As such they ignored some console game genres and that cost them that gen. With the 360 they made a play for the living room, saw some success due in part to mistakes by Sony only to make mistakes of their with X1 announcements. Have been recovering ever since.

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dcbronco2114d ago

Godmars you say Paytaa's opinion is based on wanting to see Xbox prosper but isn't you're opinion based on wanting them to fail so your opinion is biased also.

Hazardman's comment about Bungie pretty much wraps that up, they are going to be working on the same game for ten years. It is true that they wanted to move away from Halo. But their plan for Destiny kind of makes it seem like they aren't really sure what they want. If they don't do anything but Destiny the only difference between now and when they were with Microsoft is who makes the majority of the money.

On the point of the Xbox, both Microsoft and Sony have the same goal. Your biased opinion blinds you to the reality of what Sony is doing. It's been shown PS3 was used for streaming Netflix as much as anything. PS4 has as many entertainment apps as One. But the thing that seals it is the fact that PS4 has it's own cable option. It's not a media device? It has a more powerful GPU. That is the difference. The goals of Microsoft and Sony are the same otherwise. Nintendo is the only one that is different. Sony has pulled a Jedi mind trick on you.

Godmars2902114d ago

My bias stems from wanting to seeing MS stop putting their wants, their apparent need to dominate and micromanage while asking for fees in the process, over consumer expectation. Of offering products that offer more value than the purchase price, instead of a product your have to keep paying for just to access it's basics.

That happened with the first Xbox. Pushing online gaming while also starting a paid subscription service. Not using the DVD drive as a movie player while that was a key feature for the PS2. Then the 360 which was rushed to market, suffered from RROD on a far greater margin to the PS3's YLOD, and stayed with DVD - a noisy, often disc damaging DVD - which along with other factors forced owners to buy newer 360s and accessories like HDDs. Then came the X1 and DRM policies which would have made MS the only middleman in the used games market for that console. Taking money for every transaction involving the system, including simply watching TV with a mandatory connected Kinect factored in.

And while its been repeatedly said that there is little difference between MS and Sony, you bring up not just one of the biggest examples of how the two are different, but how MS goes to great effort to shoot themselves in the foot.

Netflix: the movie streaming service first brought to consoles on the 360 by purposed corporate maneuvering, required XBL Gold in addition to its own subscription fees, and took off so well once it was available on the PS3 at no other cost other than its own fees, made the PS3 the most popular way to use it for a good while. That's both including PCs, and again the Xbox 360 which had outsold the PS3. But it was on the 360 first.

I might be biased, but at least I have facts to back up said so called bias. Likewise, I don't want to see MS or Xbox go away, just do better by the consumer.

TheCommentator2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Godmars, you realize that MS sold a DVD Remote for the original XBOX? That 360 was out before BluRay was released and had better access to the information stored on it, hence no installs? That the DVD drive only damaged discs when someone moved the system with the game playing(which still could have been avoided if MS put pads in the drive to prevent stupid people form doing it)? That Sony was the king of add ons until PS3(PS2 only had 2 controller ports for crying out loud)? Or that the used games bit you allude to was a choice given to devs and that a game disc could be played on any console as usual by default?

Your "facts" are only facts to the ignorant. You are right about Netflix though.

Godmars2902114d ago


- While the first Xbox's remote allowed for movie playback, it had to be bought whereas the feature on the PS2 was available straight out of the box.

- The issues with the 360's DVD dive were endemic of RROD. The first models being rushed. Blaming the people unlucky enough to buy them is just another example of MS hoisting mistakes onto the customer.

- By accessory, I mean the HD-DVD external drive or that HDDs were first sold at low capacity and high prices, and then made mandatory by installs. Installs that became necessary to compensate for sticking with DVD.

Not even going to bother relying to the "ignorant" snark more than this. Though "Willfully Blind" is closer to what I'm thinking.

Fin_The_Human2114d ago

Wow god mars I know you hate MS but to think that 343 cannot crate another game other than Halo is just stupid.

343 can easily create another game if MS let them and who knows it might be successful.

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Godmars2902114d ago

I ask if 343 *HAD* made or worked on anything not Halo related. No one responded to it.

My first PS2 had a bad diode. A defective part. Took me months to realize it. While the 360's issues where in the fundamental design and as well as sub-vendors not doing their job.

TheCommentator2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Godmars, here we go.

•So, all I had to buy was a DVD remote and a headset and I had everything Xbox offered and 2.5 times the horsepower of the PS2.
•PS2 needed a memory card, a headset, an internet adapter, a multiplayer adapter, and an HDD add on (only useful to play one game). Plus it had horrible disc read errors that caused scratched discs at launch, and Sony claimed it was customer error. The US to file a class action lawsuit in order to get Sony to admit that they sold prototypes to consumers because they were behind schedule, and Sony refused to reimburse people who'd already paid to have that fixed when they reluctantly settled out of court.

The RROD had nothing to do with the disc drive, it was a clear manufacturing oversite revolving around the chips underneath the DVD drive desoldering form the motherboard, due to their proximity to the drive itself(the drive added heat to the GPU heatsink). MS, unlike Sony who had to be taken to court, admitted there was a serious issue that they were looking into, eventually extended the warranties to 3 years, and reimbursed everyone who had to pay to fix the issue before they determined what needed to be done. It cost them billions and they did it willingly. Mandatory installs on 360 didn't happen until the generation was almost over, when games were becoming so detailed they required it and HDD's were dirt cheap and in the hundred's of GB. Sony, OTOH, launched with a 20GB HDD(and a 60GB) at a time when their installs were as high as 5GB, so you could only put like 3 to 5 games on it before it was full. Hell, you couldn't even install DC universe online on the 20GB model, lol.


You know what's really sad? PS2 and Xbox both look like crap today, only the Xbox looks a little better. I still play those games because of how much fun they are, not what they look like. So for all you guys laughing at XB1 over horsepower, guess what, it doesn't matter. It's the overall experience that keeps me on the gaming scene. I don't play graphics.

Paytaa2114d ago

@TheCommentator Droppin some quick knowledge.

MYSTERIO3602114d ago

@Hazardman79 There is no 10 year agreement between Activision and Bungie to work on Destiny

Godmars2902114d ago


- Buy a PS2, and you had a DVD player. Buy an Xbox, realize that it had a DVD drive, wonder why it couldn't play DVD movies, find out about and buy a remote, and you have a DVD player.

It was having to think, to further invest, which effected the Xbox's growth among general consumers. Which it didn't. Grow that is. Much like the HDD and online dongle for the PS2 tanking.

- The bad DVD drives, along with RROD, were results of the 360 being rushed to market. Just like YLOD, the 20GB HDD and many other issues the PS3 had. The 7th console gen should have been delayed 1-2 years, but wasn't. And we all suffered for it. Fanboy warred while ignoring it.

- Only reason resolution gate is a thing now, is that it was a thing last gen, when multis repeatedly performed under par on the PS3 and the Xbox camp gloated.

Again, my bone of contention against MS is that they don't give consumers their money's worth. They ask for more money instead. Sony wasn't perfect then, they sure as f**k are far from perfect now, but they tried to give more for buying a PS2 or PS3 - *IF* you were looking for more than a game console with the latter.

As for the "not playing for graphics" comment, between mentioning the first Xbox's power, still looking better than PS2 games, that rings pretty hallow.

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ABizzel12114d ago

Because they make billions in net profit when it comes to software (games), services (XBL), and peripherals (controllers etc...), that even if their console hardware barely makes a profit, they've still made several billion by the time the generation ends from essentially effortless money (game royalties, XBL, and peripherals are easy money).

Why would any corporation throw away easy money?

That being said this generation is an incredible learning experience for MS and team Xbox, and hopefully it will shape their next Xbox to be a much better console that puts gamers first (we're the one's buying these $400+ boxes Day 1), instead of trying to pull another 360 and rush next-gen in 2018 instead of closer to 2020 (when a huge tech jump will be established).

nitus102114d ago

Actually Microsoft's main revenue earner is MS Office, Visual Studio and Windows, however it does earn revenue from patents notably from products running Android. In addition there are other services which are owned by Microsoft that do turn over a healthy profit.

While gaming does make money for Microsoft it does not earn quite as much as what I have already mentioned.

ABizzel12113d ago


We all know Xbox isn't a huge portion of MS profits in the grand scheme of things, but again what company is going to throw away billions in easy money. It just doesn't make sense, especially since it's the strongest consumer electronic brand.

CartBlanche2114d ago

After 3 generations coming 2nd or 3Rd, I don't believe Microsoft has the staying power to launch a 4th generation machine. If in 2 years, so end of 2017, X1's fortunes haven't changed, Microsoft will cut their losses and abandon consoles and go back to being a software game provider. They want to make money, so expect to see Halo and Gears on the PS5 neXt generation.

Look out for my monthly You Tube vidcast starting at the end of January, talking about all things gamer related :p.

baryonyx2114d ago

It's nice to see a XB gamer thinking critical, that is also something which is important for a industry.
They don't need brainless idiots who say yes to everything they do, they are a important source for profits and in my world, profits are earned by meeting a demand.

It's also more important for the gamer as well, to see and get the most of the potential from their preferred platform.

These last 13 years have seen less Ip's then ever before, because the franchises are being dried out of juice and it's not slowing down. I am tired of the lack of variation going into a gamestore or online store.

The studios deserves creative freedom as well as we deserve to take part in that experience

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MCTJim2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Phil said himself that he sees another console coming. So yeah, here to stay.

So many great established franchises, new IP's and ones that have not been announced yet. I myself, am looking forward to the future of XBox.

Budrazor2114d ago

If Phil is gonna make another console it will be more PC like.

MCTJim2114d ago

Most definitely and I don't have a problem with that.

ABizzel12114d ago

And it would be the most intelligent thing for them to do.

I said YEARS ago, before XBO was reveal that they should be looking into focusing more on a PC-like box. And as of today the XBO should be the ideal template for what the Steambox should have been.

Going head to head with PlayStation is stupid and a pointless battle. They need to carve their own niche out in the gaming world besides NA / UK shooter box that plays Halo/Forza/Fable/Gears, 3rd parties, and a pool of other exclusives (which unfortunately don't get the success they deserve).

Xbox could be the new desktop PC replacement, and that is a huge potential market, that PS nor Nintendo can replicate. The console already runs Windows Kernels, it hooks up to you HDTV, it's getting keyboard and mouse support, it has a web browser, it has the main entertainment apps you want, it has games, movies, and more. All that's missing is the ability to run full programs like MS Office.

It'll never be a workstation replacement, but the majority of casual consumers use their PCs from internet and Office, and if Xbox can do it + game significantly better than any store bought $400 PC out there, then why would anyone buy a PC over a Xbox.

And as far as gaming and app development it would be significantly easier to simply take the PC code and just optimize it for the Xbox.

MS wanted to get a PC into every living room, Xbox is it.

Rookie_Monster2114d ago

Both the Xbox One and PS4 are already PC like with how every game needs to be installed on HDD, large patches, etc.

81BX2114d ago

Same. My xb1 is my go to system. Glad they're sticking around.

nitus102114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Microsoft almost has a license to print money that is why they are liked and reviled by many world wide.

Personally I don't dislike Microsoft however I don't run any Microsoft products in my home although it would be impossible not pay them if you purchase a pre-built computer (aka The Microsoft Tax) and indirectly via their patents which any product that uses Android has to pay.

Still all my computers, consoles, smart phones and tablets don't have Microsoft anything on them.

When buying a PC in most cases you still are paying Microsoft since most pre-built PC's have the MS OS on them and even if you put a different OS on them which I have, it is a pain to get a refund. The only solution is to build your own PC which is surprisingly easy if you have some technical aptitude.

81BX2114d ago

Just out of curiosity, do you mind sharing why you dont run ms products? If its nothing you wanna share thats cool, respect.


They're going to be here for a long long long time just because its getting it sold this gen doesn't mean that will happen next

ScaReCrow902114d ago

Anyone remember the $600 PlayStation 3?
Yea that's why I want competition to stick around. Same could be said about Xbox live vs ps+ and other things.

Competition benefits gamers.
And Microsoft has taken a strong turn since Xbox360 days.

BallsEye2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Not sure why anyone would think they won't stick around. MS is doing an amazing job. I'm having plenty of fun on Xbox one with its games. More and more of my friends are switching from their monster 4k pc's to Xbox one, because for them it's just more fun despite graphics downgrade. Great exclusives, great service, great community (xbox live dashoard actually feel alive, with Major Nelson and others recording "what's new" videos every week)

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