Harmonix Teams Up With GaymerX

Harmonix, developer of Rock Band 4, has announced its partnership with GaymerX, the nation’s largest annual queer gaming convention. Here are the details.

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MercilessDMercer1069d ago

This is really cool! I hadn't even heard of GaymerX, so is this lifting its profile quite a bit!

Digital_Anomaly1069d ago

I'm trying to come up with a joke that is funny but not offensive.... probably best I just don't, lol!

MilkMan1069d ago

This is Harmonix/Rock Band 4 sponsor?
Not legitimate rock bands? not hardware manufacturers? not console makers, but a homosexual gamer group?
With much respect to the community, but did I miss something?
Are they 1 hundred billion strong or something?

Jasmino9241069d ago

Harmonix is sponsoring the GaymerX (GX3) games convention, not the other way round!

DasTier1069d ago

A queer gamer convention? All this can possibly achieve is too segregate a community further. Why not just attend a regular convention? I'm sure they're welcome.

Eonjay1069d ago

I read somewhere that some gamers feel ostracized at conventions. Therefore the convention was created as a place where people can be themselves. I don't know that the bigger shame is here:

That this could potentially segregate gamers or that they feel ostracized at regular conventions. I would rather they deal with whatever bigotry they feel at the regular conventions because that shouldn't be acceptable. In other words, they should not feel like they need to separate themselves in order to be themselves.

DrKarateChop1069d ago

By that logic, why attend a video game convention? It's just segregating people by their hobbies. Better start the Everybody Convention.

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