Nintendo and the surprising success of the 3DS

While Sony and Microsoft duke it out in the gaming console wars this holiday season, here's something to think about: Nintendo's handheld device, the 3DS, to date, has still outsold both of them. Combined.

Surprised? You'd be forgiven if you were, especially as mobile games seem to be taking over the handheld market. Sure, the 3DS has quite a few years on the latest consoles, having been introduced in 2011. Nintendo has said the 3DS has sold at least 50.41 million units since its introduction. The PlayStation 4 has sold just over 30 million units to date; Microsoft doesn't report sales figures for the Xbox One, but estimates put it at around 17.1 million units since its launch.

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Geobros2114d ago

This true but 3DS has been release few years before PS4 and XBO. I mean we cannot compare numbers.

3-4-52113d ago

Surprising Success ?

LITERALLY every Nintendo handheld ever has been very successful.

Oh Washington Post....once again proving how out of touch with reality you are.

What a click bait article from a "credible" news source. lol

MasterCornholio2113d ago

I love my New 3DS.


I bought the black Monster Hunter bundle and i adore the system. What i like the most about it is that i get a nostalgic feeling every time i see those colored buttons. The New 3DS is a fantastic system to own and in my opinion i like it even more than the New 3DS XL. Also Xenoblade is awesome on it!!!!!

Now that my praises for the system are over lets discuss sales.

They are quite good and certainly much better than the Vitas. However, unlike the DS the 3DS failed to capture the casual market. Lacking games like Brain Training or Training for your Eyes they failed to capture non gamers like they did before. Also the fact that the casuals dont need a dedicated handheld to play games on the go also hurts its sales. As a result the 3DS hasnt been selling on the same level as its predecessor.

However over 50 million is still extremely good for a dedicated gaming handheld. And hopefully Nintendo never stops producing them because we gamers need an alternative to smartphone and tablet gaming.

Thank you for reading my post and i hope you enjoyed my opinion.


BUY ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!

Or if your gaming on a budget the 2DS is a good option as well. That was the first one that i bought and i still own my Sapphire Blue 2DS that was bundled with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

Shadowsteal2113d ago

I can't buy the standard black new 3ds in the u.s though :/

MasterCornholio2113d ago

I bought mine in Europe.

But its coming to the USA.

Shadowsteal2113d ago

Do you know when by any chance? D:

zugdar2113d ago

Its all about software.

Both the DS and 3DS have great libraries of unique titles. I'm assuming that it being a lighter system it is also cheaper for devs to make the risks of new IP and ideas.

What sets this apart from Wii and Wiiu is that the DS systems have great A+ 3rd party support.

Double_O_Revan2113d ago

It's not that surprising. Nintendo the king of handhelds. Sure the 3DS stumbled at first, but what do you expect when you price a handheld at $250? But once the price dropped and all support shifted from the DSi to the 3DS, there weren't really many options for people who wanted to continue playing the games they know and love.

Italiano12345672113d ago

Y is it surprising they rule the handheld market

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