Assassin’s Creed Set Photos Showcase Michael Fassbender in Costume

Ever since potential viewers were first offered a sneak peak of Michael Fassbender in costume for his starring new role in the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed feature film adaptation, players of video game developer Ubisoft’s best-selling historical action-adventure series have been clambering for more glimpses from the set. Little has come to light regarding the central plot of the new movie, though well-versed fans no doubt know that Fassbender will be portraying an assassin temporally situated in Spain during the 15th century.

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DarkOcelet1041d ago

Micheal Fassbender looks badass.

UnholyLight1040d ago

It's funny because initially I was a little meh on an AC movie. But now that it's becoming a reality I am getting more and more pumped for it.

Makes me happy at least the movie is set in an older time period. Not a fan of the newer era AC games...

CitizenFour1039d ago

I don't typically get excited for them either.. this one looks a little more promising.. I mean Micheal Fassbender alone tells us that its not going to be a low budget film. Glad to see they are getting high profile actors for the film. Hopefully it delivers

UnholyLight1039d ago

No doubt, it seems that it should only be helped with the fact that Fassbender is becoming a well known actor and just recently was in the Steve Jobs movie

CitizenFour1037d ago

^ Agreed. plus being the new Magneto in the X-men films.. Prometheus, and the new upcoming Alien film.. hes a pretty solid actor and quickly becoming a household name.

-Foxtrot1041d ago

Shame it's most likely going to be crap.

Why not just do the first games story instead of doing it in a totally different way.

You don't follow the source material the film sucks, we've been taught that over and over but Hollywood never gives a shit

skulz71040d ago

I disagree. People have played the games - a complete copy would just be a waste. I like that they are doing a new story, but in the same universe. Maybe in future games they will reference this assassin etc

-Foxtrot1040d ago

A copy would be better then what Hollywood always does. How many times must they stray from the source material before you guys get this

They've went one way...its failed so go the other

It's why book adaptations do better because they they stick to the source material as close as they can

kneon1040d ago

But they need to target a larger audience than just AC fans, so it wouldn't be much of an issue if they stuck to the original stories. In fact I expect most gamers who have played the games would also prefer that they stay close to the original stories.

jmc88881040d ago

Nothing is crap when Fassbender is in it.

Yes the story *might* turn out to be crap, but his no doubt stellar performance will make it worth watching.

-Foxtrot1040d ago

So if one actors good then the film is a success....yeah that's perfect logic

BLAKHOODe1040d ago


An actor's involvement can be a factor in a movie's success. Do you think all of The Rock's movies have been great? But they all make bank and The Rock is considered one of the most profitable actors in Hollywood right now. Actors have a fan following. Franchises (like Assassin's Creed) have a fan following. In another post, you posted why some video game films were so bad, something you wouldn't know unless you actually watched the films. So, something drew you to watching them.

Ultimately, though, it comes down to several factors - demand, hype, fandom, creativity, finance and promotion. And maybe a thing or 2 more.

Snookies121040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

@-Foxtrot - A film can absolutely be good because of one amazing actor. Not to mention, he's the lead in this movie...

-Foxtrot1040d ago

So many agrees and few comments yet no examples are these films where one actor can apparently over shadow the bad writing, plot, visuals, soundtrack etc

Yeah you might say "Oh he totally saved that film" but it doesn't mean it's now a good film. It just proves how good of an actor someone is...not the film.

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SarcasticDuck1040d ago

That's not 100% right. You shouldn't have high expectations about it but you also shouldn't assume it will be crap! The problem usually is on the producers not respecting the mithology of the sources and it's too soon for you to judge! If they were to make a copy of Altair's storyline that wouldn't be worth for those who played the game already and it would need predictable sequels that could not happen.

-Foxtrot1040d ago

I assume it's going to be crap because every video game film which strays from the main games ARE crap. It's history, learn from it

Pintheshadows1040d ago

I'd be optimistic with this. The team behind it are the same team that made the recent Macbeth film. And that is terrific. Has a feel and look that suits Assassin's Creed series down to the ground.

bjshepp1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

"Why not just do the first games story instead of doing it in a totally different way."

Because then you'd complain about them either ruining established characters and plot elements from the first game, or failing to add anything original to the source material.

Developing a new story with different characters in the same universe allows the writers to be creative and still have a narrative that both fans and newcomers can enjoy.

-Foxtrot1040d ago

Creative lol

Look at all the video game films which stray from the games to be creative...they all have shit stories

Resident Evil - Alice saves the day

Doom - Mutations not demons from hell

Hitman - Generic over the top action film

God look at what they were going to do with Uncharted. A family antiques business with Drakes father and Uncle.

New fans would enjoy the story from the game so why change it. I'd rather see a copy and pasted plot then some which doesn't respect the games

bjshepp1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

I'm not sure why you think simply focusing on new characters is "straying away" from the games when the AC series has always been about going to different time periods, visiting new locations, and playing as different characters with their own stories in the same universe.

If that is your reasoning for why the movie will suck, then I would have thought you stopped being a fan of the franchise since the Ezio trilogy. Because this films premise is hardly a departure from the games in their current state.

-Foxtrot1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Because an adaptation of something is where you take the source material and show it in a different format

You didn't get a Harry Potter film which focused on Ron or a totally different character...what about if Lord of the Rings focused on a new character, cut Frodo, Sam, the Hobbits in general and this new character took the ring to would be pointless and f****** stupid.

You guys make be bloody laugh. Every god damn video game film which has came out has ALWAYS strayed from the source material, had good actors in most of them and some with good special effects but they all are below average. This isn't me taking something which has never been done before and suddenly shitting all over it, my opinion is based on the past, what we've gotten time after time again.

Yet instead of learning from history you start fresh each time like it's going to be good, that this will be the "one". You are like those who wait for a COD game every year "Oh this one is going to be good", defend it, then get it, play on it and then go "Nah it wasn't that good" but get hyped for the next one learning nothing in the process.

I understand if Hollywood has a flawless track record with these kind of films but they don't and as much as I like him as an actor Michael Fassbenders involvement doesn't mean the film is going to automatically be good.

You'd just be lying to yourselves. That kind of thinking is why Hollywood is general throws out so much crap. You are the people who don't learn but are in line first day the next time a new film/sequel pops up.

Gambit_the_White1040d ago

How about you wait until you actually see the movie before you judge it?

Mykky1040d ago

I get your concern, but as long as there are talented writers, producers and actors behind the title I think it is good that they have freedom to do what they feel is best.

There has not been many game to movie adaptions that has had a high budget or a talented director and cast behind it (imo). Maybe without the exception of the Prince of Persia movie, which was pretty decent. So I think it would be wrong to call it history and say that it doesn't work so early.
I also don't think the AC story is good enough to make it on the big screen, though some parts are which is why it is good that they can remove the parts that don't work and keep the parts that do.

-Foxtrot1040d ago

"I also don't think the AC story is good enough to make it on the big screen"

If you have read the synopsis for this then you'll see it's basically Desmond's story but remade with new characters and extra crap thrown in there.

So it obviously can work if they are remoulding the base of the games story while straying from it.

Lord_Sloth1039d ago

If it was gonna retell Altair's story everybody would be complaining that it wouldn't hold true to the character. There really is no winning here.

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Wallow1040d ago

Magneto Stop, First that thousandth Jobs' movie, now this? Bad movie decisions.

ProgressiveLiberal1040d ago

Guess you didn't watch Macbeth.

Gatsu1039d ago

I think he was fantastic in Prometheus.

BLAKHOODe1040d ago

A haystack! LOL.. They are certainly going for authenticity.

Relientk771040d ago

Please let this movie be good

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