Sony's Marks: PlayStation VR Sales Will Have a 'snowball effect'

PlayStation Magic Labs Director Richard Marks noting that PlayStation VR sales will have a 'snowball' effect when its released.

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sammarshall1022108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I can't see VR taking off with the games that were shown at PSX

It looks like the games will lack depth

amiga-man2108d ago

It certainly will snowball, of course VR has to start somewhere, but as more and more people become not just aware but are able to try out the tech for themselves more and more will understand what makes VR Unique.

VR is here to stay, though it may take a while to fully realise it's potential.

jujubee882108d ago

Ya, I feel good that industry veterans were behind a lot of psvr games announced at psx: Schaffer, Miz, etc.

That type of traction on VR has this time around is unlike anything before and when content creators come along, then it is only a matter of time before the platform speaks to a significant crowd.

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G20WLY2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I agree, all signs are good for VR to succeed. There are SO many games in development (200 devs are working on PSVR alone) and there are several of the biggest companies in the industry producing VR products, from Sony, to Facebook, Valve, Samsung and more.

Sadly, the likes of Fraud and sammarshall (^up there) only see the more casual/fun/party games and ignore the ones that have been shown before them, such is their agenda. Or perhaps their Halolens filters out the best stuff not coming from MS so they can avoid the hurty feelings?

SniperControl2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


Oh look, another expert in the field of VR, have you even tried it? i highly doubt it looking at your past comments regarding VR.

"VR ain't lasting long and people like you need to stop trying to trick people into wanting one"

Maybe you need to be quiet and let people make their own judgments regarding VR, it's not your money so why the hell do you care?

99% of negative VR comments are coming from people who have never even tried it FFS or are against it because it's not there beloved green console.

Pathetic really.

kmanmx2108d ago


Completely obvious you havn't even tried a great VR headset like PSVR or consumer Oculus Rift. The fact that you compare it to 3D proves as much. Anyone who has tried it will tell you it's extremely compelling, and far removed (in addition to being vastly superior) to 3D TV. You will eat your words soon enough.

donthate2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

The question is the snowball effect in this console generation or next? Are we talking 2-years (highly optimistic) or 5+ years here....

Judging on the content, PC will have it first, then it might trickle some content down to PS VR making it a success towards the end of this generation. That is the optimistic view!

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jujubee882108d ago

No offense, but your post history makes you look like a microsoft lover and sony hater. (You low bubs are a red flag)

uth112108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

A simple bowling sold millions and millions of Wiis. You never know what the VR killer app might be

Thatguy-3102108d ago

But if you been following you'll know it offers way more than what was shown in the psx keynote

AizenSosuke2108d ago

It's a snowball man, everyone is going to do it but I can't argue with someone with a strong opinion as yourself.

kenwonobi2108d ago

A snowball effect is not immediately. Therefore the games they showed early have no bearing on what he stated. Besides they already said that game show was not for big announcements PS4 or PSVR. My understanding of virtual reality is similar in that there will be a time of casuals trying it first. Then there will be a word of mouth period where eventually having experience it many will gravitate to it over time. I do believe that is exactly how it will play out.

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Relientk772108d ago

It's definitely possible it has a lot of potential. I'm excited for Robinson the journey, and the Psychonauts VR game.

nevin12108d ago

I'm not sure, but he or another Sony rep said the same thing with PSMove?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2108d ago

and we all know how PS Move turned out.

MasterCornholio2108d ago

Yeah it's because used with VR again.

Darkfist2108d ago

but unlike ps move, vr has many games for it from the start

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

It does but will it be a success for Sony. We don't know. And whether or not it is or isn't Sony need to continue to support it and not drop it like PS Move, Vita and 3D.

And? Where are all the talk and marketing for the PS Move then?

mt2108d ago

I got one move controller. but I want to play good game move I couldn't find one, except heavy rain. if Playstation VR will suffer from the same thing it will fail but I don't think so.

EverydayJoe2108d ago

Killzone 3 with Move and 3D was a pretty fun experience.

mt2108d ago

I gotta agree with you in killzone 3D. but the move is hard to point and shoot unless you get the accessory related to the gun.

mcstorm2108d ago

I still don't see VR being the next big thing on consoles anyway. I hope I'm wrong but no one I know is excited about it and the kids in my family have not said anything about it they just want to play cod and fifa every year.

Be interesting to see how it sells though.

ApolloTheBoss2108d ago

Wanna try that Ace Combact 7 and Psychonauts.

ThatGuyDart2108d ago

I think Ace Combat for VR is bigger than people think. I used to love Ace Combat on PS2 and I'm getting it on PS4 whether I end up getting PSVR or not.

pwnsause_returns2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Driving games, flight games (like ace combat) mech games(like a gundam game)

Are going to benefit the most when it comes to this stage of vr, that's for sure, don't sleep or compare vr to the games we got for kinect, move or wii...this is the real deal.

I already see Ace combat as a system selling game, something the series hasn't done before, all because of vr technology, that's why I'm wondering if project aces/Namco ever decides to release a flight stick and throttle for it like what they did for ac04 and ac05, I would buy it.

joeorc2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

@nevin1 + 9m ago
I'm not sure, but he or another Sony rep said the same thing with PSMove?


@OtakuDJK1NG-Rory + 7m ago
and we all know how PS Move turned out.

Why yes we do.

Nintendo Wiimote
Microsoft Kinect
Sony PlayStation Move

Can you point out the motion control system for "Gaming" still being supported this generation for New hard core game's?

I think we know [email protected] well which company is really supporting their motion control system for gaming with new games.

Unlike Microsoft or Nintendo
Sony is using Playstation move with VR, because unlike Nintendo or Microsoft from the get go from the dual shock 4 & playstation VR and playstation Move all were built from the ground up to be tracked with the PlayStation camera to track every part of the VR experience from a standard controller, to Headset and the user's controlling sthe system with a VR control system such as playstation Move.

The more you and others try to say Sony gives up on its hardware" the more silly you look.

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