Gamer 2.0 Preview: Afro Samurai

Gamer 2.o reports:

''Samuel L. Jackson may not have been in the top ten of anyone's list of who would make one hell of ninja, but he went through with it anyway with the animated show Afro Samurai. Given the show's sanguine nature, it's easy to think that it would be adapted into a video game. After getting some hands-on time with the game, we were pleased with how the game is coming along so far.

There isn't too much set up in the demo but it gives you plenty of time to slash your way through a medium-sized environment. The first thing to note is that it follows the art direction of the show and keeps its voice over cast. Sam Jackson has experience in games) but hasn't taken center stage. Here, of course, he is and what we got to hear was just as entertaining as the show.

The control scheme is simple yet it luckily saves itself from being primarily a button masher. Light attacks are performed with the X button with the Y button reserved for heavy, but you can string together attacks. There were only a few available in the demo, but from upgrading your strength and speed, it seems likely you'll unlock new combos. These combos save the game from being a mindless hack-and-slash. Dare we say it's a thinking-man's hack-and-slash.''

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