Examining NPD's Extreme Gamers examines the latest news from the NPD.

From their article: "According to an NPD report based on a survey of 20,000 gamers, a specific group of gamer dubbed 'extreme gamers' spend more hours gaming each week than they spend at work. In other words 45 hours a week playing games.

This and other fascinating facts can all be found after the jump. Boing!

I was amazed at that figure. 45 hours? Sheesh, do these guys have lives? They must, because I'd expect a minimum of 70 hours gaming (roughly what I'm doing at the moment) each week to earn the title of 'extreme gamer'. Or maybe I'd fit into the more appropriate, 'clinically insane gamer' category?"

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BrotherNick3721d ago

I wonder if I can borrow some games from these extreme gamers. they must make a lot of money.

Product3721d ago

They spend more time playing games then work?how old are these people,and do they have responsibilities?

Product3721d ago

24 games every 3 months!!!!!!!i dont buy that many in a year...or even two.