Destiny: The Taken King DLC plans outlined – what to expect in 2016

Destiny fans have a lot to look forward to this year.

Bungie has quelled fears regarding Destiny: The Taken King‘s content plan for the year ahead by providing a shadowy outline of what’s to come.

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eklektic1038d ago

So they cut out majority of the game so they can get that 500 mill back over a 10 year span lmao. $40 dollars and you to can finally use your sparrow for more then just skipping enemies. Plus we'll throw in a few weapons and armor pieces. O and maybe another 30 minute raid. So ridiculous!

Mr-Dude1039d ago

So €39,99 for another mediocre " DLC cut content", what will be full of microtransactions and the same maps?

No, thank you!

altimako021039d ago

tried to go back and play this game again and its the same old thing , this game is designed so it will suck you in so you will spend money. people say rng is terrible but i think they designed it to be bad

Mr-Dude1039d ago

Offcourse they did, RNG was also terrible in Diablo 3, but after fans made enough noise Blizzard fixed that. So can Bungie, but they won't. Just like that same old crap vendor Xur.

Gunplay is very good, but the rest? Very, very subpar

ChiblackHwks1039d ago

Destiny never more, good luck for those who enjoy the game and will buy this dlc

unjust751039d ago

Bungie+Activision+friendsnotpl ayingorbuyinganyothergames+brok e promises=sad gamingindustry and serious fail. Should have stuck with Halo.

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