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Rainbow Six Siege is already fighting a difficult battle trying to enforce a more methodical vision of a competitive shooter. It's a minor miracle that Ubisoft Montreal has built such a solid foundation in that regard. But the bizarre progression hooks Siege borrows from free-to-play games, its dearth of content and its network problems make for an awful lot of frustration to overcome in search of those rare moments of unit cohesion.

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Moe-Gunz2115d ago

This game is an 8/10 for me. One of the most intense games I've ever played. No SP brings the rating down for me.

spicelicka2115d ago

I played the beta and really enjoyed it. Makes it all the worse that it's so short on content.

Mr_GoolyPunch2115d ago

Totally agree - it's the best sort of stress lol!

Moe-Gunz2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Depends on what you mean by short on content. I say that because the choices they made helps drive the teamwork philosophy they were striving for.

For instance, the operators can all be countered by another but it gives an endless amount of strategies that you can come up with. Add in the fact that they made it one off, meaning only one person can pick a specific op makes choosing an important part.

Discovering combos is part of the game. Like the 1-2,Bandit and Mute punch. The different layers of destruction adds to the teamwork mindset too. Some walls can be breached entirely, some only provide a line of sight.

The game is incredibly deep. Great amount of depth in it despite the perceived limited content.

Akuma2K2115d ago

This game is easily 9 out of 10, its not COD or BF4 so you can forget about running and gunning and going Rambo trying to rack up your kill count because TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION determines whether you accomplish your mission or not. Even without no single player mode the game is still highly addictive to play, plus you can play terrorist hunt by yourself or with friends and still get that nerve wracking intense feeling you get from playing online.

overrated442115d ago

The only reason I go to their reviews is so I can hit CTRL-F and see if/how many times "sexism" or "racism" is mentioned.

jmac532115d ago

I don't understand why everyone says this game has network problems. I have had no problem whatsoever. I know I am just one person but it has worked flawlessly for me. As for lack of content the Dev's have already stated there are a lot of maps and operators coming and they will be free.