PaRappa the Rapper 2 for PS2 Coming to PS4 Next Week

If you’re wondering what’s the new next PS2 game released thanks to the new emulation feature on PS4, it’s PaRappa the Rapper 2, according to the good folks at the PlayStation Blogcast, as they mentioned it during the latest episode.

The game will be released on December 16th, and apparently it’s free from the input lag that would result from playing the original on a modern television. What’s not to love?

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CaptainSheep2116d ago

Niiice. Here's to hoping we get P3: FES and P4 on PS4 too.

g-nome2116d ago

Can we get some new games Sony FFS. Lets leave the ps2 in the past where it belongs.

2116d ago
BitbyDeath2116d ago

You're in the wrong thread if you want new games, this thread is about old games.

Go here for tons of new games -

Eiyuuou2116d ago

Have you been living under a rock? Or are you just trolling?

medman2115d ago

This guy must have been in a coma this year. Plenty of games on the shelves and plenty more announced at E3 and Paris Games Week. Stop it man, you're embarrassing yourself.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2116d ago

Love me some parappa the rapper but please for the love of God Sony put Silent Hill 2,3 and 4 on. After the insult that was the HD collection it would make me very very happy.

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