Woot sells out PS3s while hating on them

As if organizing a stack of PS3 boxes into "Wii Rox!" isn't humiliating enough, team Woot defecates on the abilities of the PS3 while simultaneously selling them and somehow manage to sell all of them within an hour. What are they going to do with the money? Buy a Wii for all of their employees.

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OutLaw5459d ago

Circuitcity has the ps3 in for online purchases.

Rooted_Dust5459d ago

I'll buy one when they stop bundling them with games I don't want like NBA 07.

OutLaw5459d ago

I understand what you're saying that's why I ordered one knowing my friend who works at Gamestop will exchange the NBA 07 for a different game.

When I get the bundle I'm thinking about exchanging for the Fight Night game (if it's out) just to see if there is really any difference in the 360 version VS the Ps3 one.

specialguest5459d ago

i don't think they're doing Sony a disfavor at all. PS3s are being sold out, that's all that matters, even though they tried to put in a silly spin to it.

Tut5459d ago

They state the truth, though. The Wii does rock! =)

marionz5459d ago

may have sold heaps but its still outdated and more of a toy then a console

Razzy5458d ago (Edited 5458d ago )

I don't agree with the rubbish comment but I do agree its more a toy than a real console. Really its just a 'Cube with a souped up controller. Great for the kiddies. And like the DS, Nintendo is probably hard at work coming up with a newer version of the Wii (Wii Lite)

Master of Menace5459d ago

The PS3 will continue to sell out, and eventually outsell it's opponents. It doesn't matter who came to the table first. People are waiting for the main course on the menu. Wii is just a snack in comparison to the PS3. Enjoy your junk food.

bighed035459d ago

keep telling yourself that.

Master of Menace5459d ago

You just keep your eyes on those sales charts. Time will tell.

farside415459d ago

If thats true then explain this. The Toys R Us by my house got a shipment of both yesterday, 35 Wii's and 15 PS3's.... The Wii's sold out in less thatn 15 minutes, the PS3's took almost 10 hours to sell out....

farside415459d ago (Edited 5459d ago )

Hmmm triple post... not sure how that happened

farside415459d ago (Edited 5459d ago )

Hmmm triple post... not sure how that happened

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mellowspaz5459d ago

the title is a little misleading, there were only 80 PS3's which sold out in about 2 minutes, not less than one hour.

death monk5459d ago

There were 1000 Xbox 360's that sold out on Amazon in less than a minute. How does that not show the 360 will continue to outsell oppenents? Of course when you have very limited supply of a product it will sell out fast. This happens with all systems during their first few months of launch. Saying right now that the PS3 will sell out is redundant because we all know that. Once it is readily available in stores we will see for sure what is going to happen.

OutLaw5459d ago

Those 360's that sold out on Amazon was from a vote sale promotion they were running for christmas and the system was selling for a $100's. So that kind of comparison isn't right.

death monk5458d ago

I do understand that, I'm just pointing out the demand is obviously still there.

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The story is too old to be commented.