8 'Health' Items That Would Be Seriously Bad for Your Health

Games are full of unsound healthcare practices, such as crouching behind a wall to treat a faceful of blood. But even a Call of Duty protagonist knows better than to use any of the following health items, which are much more likely to make you sick than cure your bullet wounds.

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CaptainFaisal2108d ago

people are starting to run out of ideas ...

Deathdeliverer2108d ago

Chicken from a trash can is terrible, although bums survive it, and used bubblegum is cringeworthy. ( I know some of you have swapped gum with your girlfriend/boyfriend) No list like this is complete without the Castlevania Chicken in a wall meal. How is that edible at ALL. Bits of stone, brick, drywall, wood, paint, dust, etc. And the bloodborne blood vials aren't nasty at all if you've played the game. The character is not all human. It's more along the lines of saying a vampire is a fool for drinking blood.

Scrivlar2107d ago

Didn't expect to see Outside Xbox using Bloodborne in their video, Have they used PS4 stuff before? It's great to see anyway :)