November 2015 NPD: Call of Duty outsells Fallout as PlayStation 4 takes November

The full NPD report confirms that Rise of the Tomb Raider missed the top 10 and Call of Duty is still the king of the hill.

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majiebeast2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Sony must be pretty damn happy that Uncharted bundle put in some work at Black Friday.

Halo 5 at 8 and Tomb Raider not even getting top 10 brutal, hope SE learned their lesson.

DarkOcelet2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Its great that Uncharted sold well at Black Friday.

And ROTR didn't even make top 10.

Abash2109d ago

This holiday win for the PS4 is just the beginning, it's their Q1 2016 that is going to be like a second holiday season with the launches of Street Fighter 5 and Uncharted 4.

dirkdady2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Apparently ps4 sold over 1.5 mil.

Lol at fake kaz retweeting his tweet from 2014:
"Rise of the Tomb Raider is now exclusive to Xbox One. Square Enix clearly wants the game to be uncharted: as in, not entering the charts."

xHeavYx2109d ago

COD sold more on Xbox, Fallout and Madden sold more on PS4. Should have been the opposite.

SourtreeDing2109d ago


well because Fallout is bundled with Xbox console and COD is bundled with PS4 console..

Bundles are not included as game sales on NPD

that being said both games im sure sold more on PS4 since it has the bigger install base

-Foxtrot2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Hope Square learns from that

Kind of depressing to see COD beat Fallout but even more depressing to see so many yearly sports games in the top 10

dirkdady2109d ago

So it seems Sony wisely moved uncharted 4 into q1 2016 and released all of its first party titles early to mid 2015 to leave their third party partners to duke it out.

While Microsoft released their first party halo and published tomb raider smack dab in the middle of their marketing partner's (fallout 4) release window. Prolly pissing off both Bethesda and square Enix while shooting their internal studios's releases in the foot.

Great job phil. Great job to all the so called idiot journalists that criticized Sony for a light first party holiday window.

freshslicepizza2109d ago

ps3 sales look rather weak all around. it's time for sony to stop support with titles like mlb the show and move on to the ps4 only.

nintendo is losing millions and millions of dollars through third party royalties. they really need to get their act togther for the nx.

phil must be shaking his head over the tomb raider deal which i don't think he was the one who actually signed it. i would have thought halo 5 would be higher than 8th spot too. but it is rather strange how people still associate call fo duty with xbox one even after sony got the exclusive deal and outselling the xbox one.

dirkdady2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


Phil bragged he signed tomb raider and on Amazon last month number 1 ps4 bundle was COD so that's why standalone sales are lower as they count towards those sales.
Ps4 is projected to have sold north of 1.5 mil so you can do the math.

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Thatguy-3102109d ago

But really who is surprised about Tomb Raider?? The big titles ate up it sales. One with common sense could've seen it from a mile away. Crazy how a remastered ps4 bundled owned everything. That being said congratulations to both Sony and MS since both of them are up YOY.

DarkOcelet2109d ago

Launching it besides Fallout 4 was a pretty stupid decision.

You cant compete against Fallout 4, you just cant.

Strange_Evil2109d ago

Although I was positive the PS4 would do well, I didn't expect it to outsell the Xbox One in November with all the Xbox deals that was nearly giving them away for less than 300 bucks with multiple games and controllers. Just shows how unstoppable PS4 is now.

As far as Tomb raider goes, I was positive that this would happen. Launching your game with FO4, SWBF and COD releasing around the same time is suicide IMO. Even if it were a multi-platform, I am guessing it would have had a similar fate (although not this bad). Hope MS lined up their pockets enough to offset the bad rep and low sales.

Thatguy-3102109d ago

Even Just Dance charted lmao but square and Microsoft are happy though so it's all that matters

Jalva2108d ago


"You cant compete against Fallout 4, you just cant."

Of all the articles you could've wrote this comment in you choose to write it in an article about Fallout 4 being outsold...

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FlipSwitch2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


And Halo 5 didn't perform great. A massive game like Halo sold 1.5million copies launch week to a base of around 12 million

In comparison Infamous second son which isn't a huge franchise sold over 1 million copies launch week to a base of around only 5 million people.

That really outlines Halo's decline

Wallstreet372109d ago

Good point based off facts.

Griever2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

The franchise is definitely in decline with sales and critical reception declining with each entry. Still it has held a position for two consecutive months in the NPD so it is significant achievement. Decline is inevitable for everything and companies have to end a franchise eventually. Better to end it on a high note than dragging it until the bitter end.

thekhurg2109d ago

You're being generous with that 12 million number too.

uth112109d ago

But MS told us Halo is the new Star Wars?!?

How could this happen? Or as Darth Vader might say, "Noooooooooooooooo!"

n4rc2108d ago

kind of surprised halo didnt do better, but the comparison is a little off

peoples options are far greater now.. infamous came out only a couple months after launch if i remember correctly.. AAA games were few and far between

Gwynbleidd2108d ago

You have to take in account that Halo has been in nearly every bundle as an additional game plus it has a bundle of its own. I would say the numbers of copies out there are higher than the sale figures implicate.

FlipSwitch2108d ago

The numbers are counted if it is an additional game.

Bundles were the game is inside the box aren't counted for NPD.

But the 1.5m statement was from Microsoft so they would have counted every single game

BeefCurtains2108d ago

Yeah I think halo is a tired franchise. I didn't even buy it, the game needs to evolve to renew interest.

I agree with the point you're making, but I think your analogy is flawed. Infamous SS had such a Huge adoption rate because it's a new IP, and the game library was pretty light back then for Ps4, so it was more likely a lot of people needed a game to buy to have something to play. Plus, that game looked pretty damn cool, I almost bought a ps4 for it, just never had the money to buy one yet.

Gwynbleidd2107d ago

Then you really should try Halo out. It has evolved IMO. Modern gameplay mechanics that keep in touch with its roots. Since Titanfall it has IMO the best shooter mechanics. MP is a blast if you are into competitive MP.
The SP story might be controversal if you are a long time franchise fan (you hate it or love it) but I personally liked it for trying to take focus away from Masterchief and give the Halo-world the opportunity to go different directions. Surley it can be done better but now 343 has some opportunities for the future.

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Dark112109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

WOW BO3 sold more on xbox one !!!

Good news for MS!!

FlipSwitch2109d ago

I doubt it. Once again bundle copies aren't included and Sony definitely sold a ton of BO3 bundles

Italiano12345672109d ago

Only in us...worldwide ps4 version has sold double the amount

SourtreeDing2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

dont be silly



lvl_headed_gmr2109d ago

NPD doean't track digital. We don't know how many units any game sells in total, only how many physical copies sell through retail which isn't enough to make any claim.

PistolsAtDawn2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Even more crazy that COD sold more on X1 than on PS4

Halo 5 Being #8 is DAMN impressive, esp being that it's a console exclusive and came out over a month ago..... Does anyone else see any month old console exclusives on that list AT ALL???

As far as COD, it's also further impressive that this is just physical copies, and X1 is usually known to sell more digital copies than PS4...except in rare cases, and the COD Console bundle sold embarrassingly low

I'm also liking that RotTR has now sold over half a million in less than a month while competeing with Fallout 4, COD, and Halo 5. EXCELLENT game, should be in GOTY conversations...if you haven't played it, get it.

Gamble202108d ago

I mean, yeah it came out the month before... on October 27. So it had one week before November. That is really not that great of a finish for a title on the scale of Halo.

MRMagoo1232108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

You have gone off the deep end with the denial of truth about how badly those games have sold lol. COD was bundled with ps4 so would have sold more overall anyway. Tomb raider sold awfully bad. Halo 5 sold about as much as infamous second son in a week with a much smaller install base so halo 5 sold really really bad.

badz1492108d ago

"X1 is usually known to sell more digital copies than PS4...except in rare cases, and the COD Console bundle sold embarrassingly low"

LOL stop spreading BS and start backing your claims with facts please.

Muzikguy2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

All those claims are pretty outrageous IMO. I'm not impressed with Hall,RotTR, or COD and not sure where anyone can come up with the claim about X1 selling more digital than PS4. There's twice as many PS4s out there* so I'm 100% sure that there would be more digital copies sold on Sony's platform. Also considering there are so many more PS4s it's highly doubtful that cod sold more on X1. What shocks me about the list is the yearly releases

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kenwonobi2108d ago

Tomb Raider got annihilated. Nuked from orbit. COD does well no matter who markets it. I'm not surprised at all these numbers.

Erik73572108d ago

Its honestly not the games, its just people like ps4 more than xbox one..

Number-Nine2108d ago

The only company that is hurt by this is MS. I think they paid SE a nice sum of money for its timed exclusivity. MS was hoping for a system pusher and didn't get it.

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Herbalistic2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

This charts tell a story about the fall of an IPs popularity. Halo 5 coming in at #8 tells us that people are tired of that franchise and it needs a break..MS wasted money on that TR deal being as it moved nothing

ShottyatLaw2109d ago

As a single-console exclusive, Halo made the top 10 two months in a row. That's actually pretty impressive.

vanity292108d ago

Not if you compare it to past halos.

Loadedklip2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

@ Vanity
Past Halo's were released on a top selling system for core gamers.

A lot of Halo's core Fanbase moved on to PS4 and bought Destiny instead.

ALSO Halo came out in October and was ranked number 1 I think in October unlike other Halo's releasing in November.

Should we ask why there are no Sony exclusives in the top 10 in November that were released prior?

X-Box One exclusive is much more handicapped then X-Box 360 exclusives.

Muzikguy2108d ago


Saying that the fan base moved to PS4 and bought Destiny further proves the decline in Halo.

Griever2109d ago

ACtually, this is teh second month on the NPD for the game. It was number 1 on October 2015 NPD. I just realized that and charting for two consecutive months is definitely impressive.

Loadedklip2108d ago

Finally someone with actual knowledge and facts. Bubble for you.

HaveAsandwich2108d ago


He doesnt need a bubble. Anymore, and his comments are going to float away.

Rookie_Monster2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

In what Universe is a game that was #1 last month in October and the only exclusive charted in the top 10 in the following month considered bad?

Another hyped blockbuster like Bloodborne debuted #2 in March NPD and didn't chart the following month in April NPD, in a less crowded non-holiday game schedule as well, that bad for that game as well? Some of you people, I tell ya..

Scratching head.

Herbalistic2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Its bad for Halo coming in at #8 being as its supposed to be the almighty exclusive that rules them all.

so you're really going to compared Bloodborne to an established IP like Halo?Halo 5 didn't live up to the monster Xbox fans claimed.

Rookie_Monster2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


Oh, so you want an established IP like Halo then? How about Uncharted 3, biggest IP on PS.
It placed 7th on its debute month on the Nov 2011NPD.

It was out of the chart the following month in December.

Was that because of all those 3rd party titles making up the majority of the sales or is it because it didn't live up to the monster hyped PS fans claimed like you'd said about Halo? Please make up your mind please.

n4rc2108d ago

everyone loves to remind people that bundle sales dont count for ps4 and bo3..

but suddenly all those halo bundles must not of existed.. or maybe they count.. lol

Gwynbleidd2108d ago

it is hilarious seeing those comments about PS4 bundles but Halo all of a sudden is a stand alone only game it seems.
Halo has been included into nearly every bundle and has a bundle of its own. There are more people playing the game than the sales numbers are telling us.

It is console wars double standards and people tend to forget things in their favour...makes me scratch my head too

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-Foxtrot2109d ago

Or maybe it's because 343 thought they'd do the same they did with the Halo 4 multiplayer and put their own crappy spin on the single player

I mean a Squad based shooter...come on 343

People don't want forced always restricts them from telling a good story when you have to account for all characters in the level at all times.

Medievalwaffles2109d ago

Did you play the game? It barely felt like a squad based shooter, i mostly ignored giving orders which is done with just one button pretty bleh if it was a squad based shooter

-Foxtrot2109d ago

You can't tell them not to shoot though, makes Normal mode feel like easy and really dumbs down legendary

babadivad2108d ago

I usually play Halo on normal the first time through. I've never died so much on a normal run. If anything, this Halo is tougher than the previous releases. Then again, I always played local co-op. . .

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butchertroll2109d ago

Halo 5 and Tomb Raider ( especially ) get owned. Shit!

Griever2109d ago

All of the Xbox exclusives have flopped commercially except Halo 5. Even that is in decline compared to previous entries. Forza 6 and ROTR both did not even chart in the NPD, Xbox One's home territory. The "greatest games lineup in history' truly met a sad fate. Looks like the customers did not find it great enough to actually buy despite all the hype and marketing.

n4rc2108d ago

or they were just playing all the 3rd party games like everyone else..

dont tell me sales equal quality now?

Griever2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


That is the sad point. Xbox One owners opted for multiplats instead of their touted exclusives. What was the point of that timed exclusivity for ROTR, lumping all of them together for holiday season and all that marketing blitz? The games failed to perform in the market after all that hype and marketing.

I never said sales equalled quality but we are not discussing quality here. No doubt they are good games but we are discussing the holiday season sales performance of both companies and sales are the only thing that matter in that case.

G20WLY2108d ago

^no N4rc, but sales do equal popularity.

n4rc2108d ago

Im talking about your comment about the greatest lineup.. You imply that statement is somehow false simply based on sales.

They are providing great games... Sales are out of everyone hands

DeToX4202108d ago

Only sad little people like you care about games. Unfortunately n4g is full of them. Maybe when you all grow up you can afford all the consoles and a pc and actually play the games instead of talking about sales. So sad.

Griever2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


Lets not resort to personal attacks and insults. That is what truly sad and pathetic people do. They are so immature that they are hurt by their console of choice underperforming and others pointing it out. They feel the need to defend a plastic box and attack others to feel content.

Gamers care about sales because more sales mean more support. More hardware sales mean more software support and more software sales mean more support for the franchise. It is really common sense that fanboys cant see.

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OpieWinston2108d ago

Halo 5 was #1 in October #8 in November. That's getting owned to you? Especially looking at the multiplats that beat it. 4 being on 4+ platforms and 4 of the games debuted that month.

Seriously where do you see the "Get owned" part. N4G kids...

butchertroll2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Well, 935k with bundles (~840k without ) in October is great result in Xbox biggest market ( US ) isn't? Great result for the 1st place. LOL

Btw. Halo 3 did 3.3 mil. with smaller install base in launch week.

kenwonobi2108d ago

Didn't see that coming. At least not with Halo5. That's a huge franchise. I personally thought it would move more Xbox consoles and sale high. The failure to do so I think is a major blow to Microsoft and not momentum of any kind.

YinYangGaming2109d ago

Wow surprised BO3 sold better on XBO than PS4

butchertroll2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Surprised that Fallout 4 sold better on PS4. Anyway, NPD doesn't count bundles. But soon we will find out numbers by NPD insiders on GAF.

DarkOcelet2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

They didnt include the PS4 bundles of Black Ops 3 btw.

"But Sony also had a Black Ops III bundle, and those sales don’t count toward this list."