Jolt Review: Soul Calibur IV

Jolt reports:

'' Some people would have you believe that when it comes to beat 'em ups, it's all down to the way the game controls. Others would say it's more about how it looks and feels, and even more would claim that balance is the most important thing. Then there are the sweaty people in the corner who can't be bothered to argue or shower regularly: the 2D hardcore purists who've spent more time mastering Ken and Ryu's move sets than most people spend going through the education system.

Soul Calibur has been the game that appeases all sides of the debate... well, apart from those who'd rather go 50 rounds on King of Fighters '99 than have contact with the opposite sex. Namco has always managed to balance everything just perfectly with its weapon-based combat to make it fast-paced and enjoyable enough to appeal to anyone who loves hitting people in the face.

Soul Calibur 4 is, in all honesty, not a revolution for the series. It can't be: the developers would end up with their heads on the end of pikes being marched around by an angry mob if they even whisper about overhauling the combat system. So, in the tradition of most beat 'em up sequels, Soul Calibur 4 goes for content and style improvements rather than technical ones, and it works rather well.''

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