The scale of 2015's biggest games frustrates as much as it amazes


"I’ve done it again. My tenth platinum trophy appeared in the corner of the screen with a resoundingly satisfying pling and I loved it. Master Assassin. Again. It took over 70 hours of Assassin's Creed Syndicate and I’m frankly elated. I don’t even feel remotely guilty. Even the hour I spent on the phone to my mother, with the TV muted and a finger glued to R2 while circling the same square over and over, ploughing down market stalls and sending barrels and innocent London civilians flying in order to net the 5000 destructibles Trophy, was a joy. I’m sure she’s so proud of her 30 year old daughter."

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Locknuts2118d ago

Maybe I'm more of a casual gamer, but I don't feel the need to 100% every game I play. I think I've only dedicated myself to fully completing a handful of games in my life. Unless playing the game is a joy in itself I never grind with little to no reward.

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