Rise of the Tomb Raider Sales Surpass Half A Million (Rumour)

Whilst the numbers are not conclusive and can only be cited as a rumour until official figures are released but there was a rise in sales for the third week since Rise of the Tomb Raider became available at retail on November 10th 2015.

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Herbalistic2114d ago

These numbers are for Xbox One and 360 combined?that's on the low side.

sammarshall1022114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"This week 537,056 (not including Xbox 360 data for this period)"

Edit: @Herbalistic Total Xbox One sales: 434,829 so almost a half a million not including the Xbox 360

Still good numbers so far

Herbalistic2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"Grand Total Last Week – 438,065 (for both platforms)"

The 360 numbers are apart of that estimate. the person couldn't add 360 numbers to the grand total for this week due to them not being available..Those TR sales are combined between Xbox One and 360 which are low when look at the install base.

Hroach6162114d ago

I have this game and I think it's really good. But these numbers are aren't good

freshslicepizza2114d ago

i bet microsoft was thinking 2 million to be the goal. they will just brush it off with the usual marketing spin like they all do.

Multifacetedgamer2114d ago

Moldy bread did they stop putting the game on disk now? You guys all act like the company has a week to sell the game or else it stops production

RosweeSon2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Compared to them selling what 4-5 million last time half a million isn't great, it either means people didn't enjoy the first one (of these new reboots) or theyve gone elsewhere and are waiting for the definitive version like Xbox one got and ps4, give it a year I'm sure that the game will shift 2-3 million but it won't be on Xbox. I haven't got an Xbox one but if I had the choice I wouldn't be playing new tomb raider with Microsoft sorry but when the definitive version couldn't even go over 900p on Xbox then I can't see the sequel which is surely bigger and better is gonna run better on the Xbox.

Just googled it and it turns out the original reboot actually cleared over 8 million so where has everyone gone?! I can't be alone in waiting for it next year.

freshslicepizza2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )


this is the first reboot and square wasn't happy even though it sold 3.4 million.

"3.4 million copies of Tomb Raider have been sold in four weeks, publisher Square Enix has revealed, which is not enough to hit the game's sales target."

this is why i came up with the number of 2 million during the launch window which is typically 6-8 weeks. that to me seemed reasonable (combining xbox one and xbox 360) but these figures are actually a lot lower.

FATAL1TY2114d ago

Rise of the Tomb raider is a disaster. i'm shocked

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rainslacker2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

3.4 million number was 3 weeks into the original games release.

Game released on 3/5/2013, Square make that statement on 3/26/2013.

ROTTR released 10/10/2015. It's now at 540K after 4-1/3 weeks(30 days) Using the average sales of the game on a weekly basis, this game will not get to 2 million in 6-8 weeks, as games don't tend to increase in sales over time.

Squares original projections for the original game were just shy of 15 million copies, and while the first one did pretty decent, it hadn't reached the point where it would gain that in lifetime sales with only 1.3 million copies a week on average sold for the first month.

ROTTR is looking like it will get nowhere near that, although it still has two more platform releases to go.

Granted, the whole source for ROTTR sales is VGChartz, so my whole argument may be inaccurate.

abstractel2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I'll add to the sales when it comes to PC. I am a gamer, not a platform person. Anyone who is so fixated on sales has issues. As long as the gaming industry is doing good, which it is, I am very happy. I buy a mixture of PC and console games. No platform owns me, but some platform owners (Microsoft, Sony, PC makers) sure seem to own some of you guys, making you tools.

iTechHeads2114d ago

Those are horrible numbers and in no way acceptable for the absence of a PS4 version.

NewMonday2114d ago Show
IamTylerDurden12114d ago

So TR maybe sold around 500k copies in the first month...

That's horrible considering the hype and how much ms payed for the exclusivity. This was a failed business venture by ms especially since it appears that PS4 outsold xbone in November.

Either way u slice it those numbers are very low, it's shocking since TR is actually a good game.

UltraNova2114d ago


Square Enix suit: Reads your comment,

- then looks at the MS's check,

- laughs his a** out and walks out.

mark_parch2114d ago

nearly half a million just on xbox one is great. it will continue to grow after people finish with fallout 4 trust me. anyway EPIC game

2114d ago
TheHunter812114d ago

Good? Could of been better but we won't go there.

MaxKingoftheWild2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Didn't spencer say he wouldn't pay for a game to be made for it to come out on the competitions platform later? I mean, that's at least what was being pointed at to support the claim that TR was 100% exclusive before it was announced that it wasn't.

I doubt MS wrote any kind of check. Probably waived licensing fees for a certain amount and agreed to pick up marketing since every time this game was shown it was an Xbox commercial.

I doubt square got any real monetary gain from this. More probably that the risks of losing money were greatly reduced. And well... It's yet to be seen if that's worked for them yet. Less than 200k in Nov (NPD >>>>>>>VG C) isnt a great way to start.

u4one2114d ago


Read the breakdown

Xbox One Sales:

Week 1 – 229,742 (worldwide)
Week 2 – 106,096 (worldwide)
Week 3 – 98,991 (USA & UK Only)

Total Xbox One sales – 434,829

Xbox 360 Sales:

Week 1 – 71,286
Week 2 – 30,941

Total Xbox 360 sales – 102,227

Christopher2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

*** Anyone who is so fixated on sales has issues. As long as the gaming industry is doing good, which it is, I am very happy.***

If this game does not reach certain goals, we do not know how it may affect the future of the IP. And while it's easy to sit here and say "the industry is doing great, look at the Holiday figures" the fact is that sales of this game are important to those who are invested in the IP.

I will say, there are a lot of people who are "conerned" about the IP but not really invested in it because of the exclusivity, but those who are truly invested in the IP have every right to worry about sales as it will determine the future of the IP.

kayoss2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

For a high profile game like Tomb Raider, these numbers IMO are low. I think the culprit to the mediocre sales is due to the fact that it was released near the other high profile games like Halo, Call of duty, battlefront and fallout 4.
I played this on my cousin's xbox one a few weeks ago and I cant stop playing it. I cant wait for it when it is released on the PS4.

Eonjay2114d ago

They are quoting VG chartz which had predicted that the Xbox One would win NPD. Sorry guys, this rumor is false. They over estimated sales because (and to be fair) apparently we all did.

bouzebbal2113d ago

once more common sense wins and MS garbage PR fails. Fallout took the lead in October and TR releasing the same day is basically suicide mission.
Those are terrible numbers (even if X1 only)for a timed exclusive that was supposed to drive sales of X1.

garrettbobbyferguson2113d ago

I'm honestly not sure why they released anywhere near Fallout. That game has a "meme" following now. Any future Bethesda titles will be heralded despite the quality of them. Going up against them is suicide.

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FlipSwitch2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Still no were near good enough. The first tombraider sold 1-2 million on xbox at launch.

Another factor people aren't mentioning is that ROTR is a highly rated sequel to a highly rated game. In that case sequels nearly always outperform their predecessor.

So these numbers are really really low. The fact that they are combined just makes it worse. The combined totals should have been over 2 million.

Xbox gamers really need to start supporting games that don't involve shooting in the first person perspective

tinynuggins2114d ago

Tombraider sold just over a million copies at launch but that's total across all platforms, not just xbox

SquillieDeeWilliams2114d ago

there were 80+ million 360's and just as many PS3's , of course it sold more...

FlipSwitch2114d ago

I'm talking about the sales that happened on Xbox only.

And there are still 80 million X360's and up to 12 million Xbones. So whats your point?

OhMyGandhi2114d ago

no one should be happy about these numbers. I am a PS4 gamer, and it absolutely shocks me to the core that fanboys, particularly my Sony bretheren are gleefully smug about these low sales for what looks to be a damned cool game.

Guess what people? Microsoft heard you loud and clear: you don't want third person action adventure titles. You don't want exploration, puzzle solving, and a strong female protagonist. You don't want a purely cinematic Indiana Jones equivalent.

Is that really the message we want to send?

2114d ago
LeCreuset2114d ago


It's called don't bite the hand that feeds you. Sony fans have every right to make this a very loud lesson learned.

P.S. Don't know why you're raging at Xbox owners. MS wasn't targeting them with this game. They were hoping their vague exclusivity language would fool TR fans into buying an Xbox.

FlipSwitch2113d ago

Good Point Lacreuset.

Remember if it wasn't for the pressure and rumours of timed exclusivity Microsoft would never have admitted it was timed.

They even lied to try and fool everyone into thinking it was a full exclusive. So they were hoping to capture playstation fans with the deal.

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FITgamer2114d ago

VGC also has PS4 under-tracked by over a million. Take this with a grain of salt.

MaxKingoftheWild2114d ago

Also, NPD and all. Didn't even make top 20

Vhampir2114d ago

1. These numbers are from VGChartz, they pull numbers out of their ass.

2. These numbers don't include digital sales.

The only ones who know are Microsoft and SquareEnix.

IamTylerDurden12114d ago

RotTR has officially flopped, it won't even come close to the previous game's sales and those were below expectations. The greedy deal taken by SE essentially killed this game considering that it's hardly selling on xbox and by the time it hits PS4 Uncharted 4 and Horizon will be out.

Considering the fact that RotTR is a 1 and done with no mp i can see it dying out rather quick. I anticipate many used copies at Gamespot simply bc ppl will be done with it in a week. With Uncharted 4's robust mp i just don't see the motivation for ppl to buy RotTR when it hits PS4. SE better hope it sells on pc bc they basically killed their own game.

Relientk772114d ago

Honestly surprised this game didn't sell more.

thisismyaccount2114d ago

Is this one of the reasons why we´re getting FF7 Remake in an episodic format now? Game X sold poorly, adjust upcoming games for max profit?

Number-Nine2113d ago

500,000 (dollars) / 60 (dollars per copy)= 8,300 copies sold.


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sammarshall1022114d ago

That's good and it should get a nice boost for the holiday

badboyz092114d ago

The game is on sale for as low as $20 on amazon right now.

tinynuggins2114d ago

$20 off but that was a Black Friday deal. Unless you're referring to the 2013 version. That one is $20

badboyz092114d ago

Sorry I meant as low as $30.

WildArmed2114d ago

Man, you had me going!

I was like at that price, I would have bought one for gifting purposes.

It's fantastic gift, but I really didn't see any great price drops for it. I think the least I've seen it for is about 40$.

jcc7372114d ago

So was Battelfront, that sold millions. This doesn't have anything to do with how well or not the gake is selling. They have sells all over the place. Give it a rest...

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Inzo2114d ago

Dude, these figures are terrible.

Fro_xoxo2114d ago

It's not hard to believe to be honest.

Genuine-User2114d ago

Such a shame. I enjoyed the game.

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Austin482114d ago

Idk why u have all them disagrees but this game is fantastic hopefully it starts to pick up on sales

FallenAngel19842114d ago

This game will soon be out for one month and still fail to cross the million sold milestone. For a game as heavily hyped and with production costs as high as this, it's a flop no matter how you look at it.

This game does not look like it'll have sales legs this holiday season on the Xbox consoles.

Multifacetedgamer2114d ago

But what production costs. It's not like they needed a new engine to make the game
Keep downplaying

rainslacker2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Game probably had a production budget between 40-60 million, and a sizable marketing budget, mostly fronted by MS since the deal was announced. A game of this scope typically comes in around the 50 million dollar range for production costs, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were more given the quality of the game