Game Vortex review: Final Fantasy IV

Game Vortex reports:

''Every time the question, "What's your favorite Final Fantasy?" comes up (and where I work, it comes up at least once a month), I'm surprised by how few people bring up Final Fantasy IV. Even after playing the game three times (well, four now...), I tend to forget about it, which is a shame.

I had mixed feelings over the new visuals. On one hand, the new 3D graphics are impressive. Enemies and worlds have been redesigned, but still have the same look and feel of the 16-bit version. Characters are much more expressive, though the character designs are a bit awkward. While I wouldn't call the designs "bad", the oversized heads and small bodies make it feel like you're playing with a bunch of bobble-head versions of characters.

The soundtrack is, of course, one of the game's best features, though in order to really appreciate it, I recommend purchasing a set of earphones. The DS's speakers are okay, though listening through earphones adds so much more to the presentation. On top of that, not only is nearly every cutscene fully voiced, but the voicework is exceptional.''

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