Final Fantasy VII Remake Could Be a Financial Disaster

We may not have all the details just yet but Square Enix should be concerned. Rather than being a cash cow, Final Fantasy VII Remake could be a market flop.

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Quickstrike2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Especially since today's children arent as big of fans of games from Japan and SE is alienating their core fans it is a safe conclusion to make that it might flop.

Death2114d ago

Remaking the original with updated graphics would have been nice. They are making a completely different game using the character names and title. I'm a little confused about this and not sure why they don't just call it FFXVII.

Quickstrike2114d ago

This hardly deserves the title of remake. It's a reimagining at this point with all the modernization.
I'm refering of course to the most toxic modernization which is episodic releasing and changing up the story from what was shown in the trailer. That boss was not fought on a train!

The battle system is another fight which has been overshadowed by the episodic nature of the game now.

TomShoe2114d ago

FF7R flopping.

I doubt it. Even though there is a lot of outrage, people will buy it anyway. There's just too much hype behind it.

phoenixwing2114d ago

@Quickstrike, it was film trickery, if you watch the trailer again you'll realize the background changes for the boss fight. You don't fight the boss on the train. I made the same mistake at first too.

Kalebninja2114d ago

Japanese games do just fine today, they dont need to rely on the really hardcore fans of the original to be successful, im a fan of the original myself and I don't have an issue with the direction they are taking the remake. There's also the fact that the demographic isn't targeted towards "today's children " and I don't know why older gamers keep saying that because what kids are into doesn't matter because most gamers are in their 30s.

miyamoto2114d ago

Same here.

It's really amazing how these websites are capitalizing on this FUD stuff about FFVII Remake just like many PS3 and PS4 exclusives of yore.

This is just another one of many clickbait articles.
Let's just move along.

FFVII Remake will be the greatest gaming event of the 8th generation of console gaming.

HeavenlySnipes2114d ago

It won't. Everybody that is complaining will be there day one to buy the game

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ninsigma2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

13 Sold nearly 8 million so I don't see how you can even pretend your statement is even remotely true.

Watch the trailer again. This time with your eyes open and not with blind rage. See where cloud and barret are kinda circling each other, looking around and watching their backs?? That's where the fight takes place. After cloud jumps on the train the scene switches back to the area I said above and that's where the guard scorpion jumps down.

medman2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I'm still waiting to see how they plan to implement the episodic structure of this title/titles....they have said each installment will be the size of a normal FF game, so does that mean they're producing a whole bunch of new content and essentially we'll be getting FF VII, but essentially it will be a completely new experience, with the major plotlines of the original intact but with a whole bunch of new stuff added? How much is this going to cost? Are we expected to pay full price for all the installments? Are they going to release part I in 2016, with part II in 2017, and the finale in 2018? Do your stats carry over between games? Or are the games essentially self contained stories with no carry over? So many questions.

I'm not offended by the changes, but then again I'm not a huge FF fan. It's been quite some time since I've played a FF game, but this new one intrigues me. I just hope true fans of the series won't be disappointed and it makes decent money for the dev because this is something they didn't have to do, yet it seems they are getting ripped for changing too much anyway.

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Lennoxb632114d ago

GTFOH. Its going to sell millions in the first few hours.

Eiyuuou2114d ago

To be fair, I don't really care about the sales. I'll enjoy it, regardless of the sales. And in the best case scenario they might go back to turn based due to the flop, which is a win-win for me.

phoenixwing2114d ago

I don't think it'll do bad in sales. In fact, since they're releasing it in parts they're shielding themselves from too much investment in the project.

Uglyday2113d ago

A pie takes the same amount of time and money to bake no mater how you slice it. If the first part flops they lose tons of money on the last two parts. Unless they charge full price for each part of course.

Kahana2113d ago

Pretty sure the implication is that they won't release the next parts or significantly cut down the investment in them

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