Stunning Shining Force 3-Themed Saturn Listed On eBay

If you’re fast, you could end up with one supremely sexy Sega Saturn console that pays tributes to one of the best strategy RPG series of all time.

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derkasan2116d ago

Looks great. I like the controller paint job.

dead_pixels2116d ago

As a huge fan of the series I'd love to get my grubby mitts on this console.

JMPetrequin2116d ago

I know a certain head of HPP who needs this

Wallstreet372116d ago

Oh shining Force, how i loved that RPG series! Damn how i wish they made a new current gen version for all consoles.

dead_pixels2116d ago

Yessir. I still haven't recovered from the disappointment that was Shining Force Neo over a decade ago.

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