Microsoft extends Xbox 360 warranty to 1 year from 90 days

Friday announced that it has extended the warranty for its Xbox 360 item from 90 days to one year from the date of purchase in the U.S. and Canada. Microsoft extended the warranty in these territories to be consistent with the standard one-year Xbox 360 warranty available in much of the world. In premarket electronic trade the stock was down 5 cents at $29.93.

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MoonDust5459d ago

Good. Now i don't have to worry for the next 6 + Months

RealityCheck5459d ago

As a 360 owner who had to send back one console already, I think that such an extended warranty is a show of good will toward their user base. However, it would be better if they were able to tune the design of new units to make such extended warranties unnecessary. Of course, they may be doing just that and need to buy some time.

MicroGamer5455d ago

That's why they use a different DVD drive than they did in the first run of units and why they are changing the manufacturing process on the CPU from 90nm to 65nm. It reduces voltage requirements and heat generated by the CPU, which should extend the life of everything inside.

THWIP5459d ago my 360 has only been out of warranty for 1 month, instead of 9. :\

Xtrm L1481L1TY5459d ago

MS announced that they will replace any launch 360 for free if purchased before January 1st, 06. That's assuming it's DOA.

THWIP5459d ago

...but they won't replace mine, unless it breaks, and it would need to be soon. Do you really think that's an indefinite policy for early adopters????

MicroGamer5455d ago

Early adopters who bought 2005 dated units already had their warranties extended out to one year prior to this because of the known issues concerning the red ring of death and DVD drive issues from the first run of machines.

Raiyel5459d ago

i guess the xbox 360 consoles still have problems and bugs, even after a year...

BIadestarX5459d ago

actually it's called adapting to the market. You (fanboys) complained that microsoft was ripping off people by not giving them 1 year. If I am not mistaken the PS3 also gives 1 year warranty; does this mean it's a piece of $h!t full of bugs and problems? I thought so. This is good news period; not matter how you fanboys try to twist it.

power of Green 5459d ago

I'm sorry but you don't seem very smart.

PS3n3605459d ago

my launch 360 sees 4 hours minimum per night in a very small space in a cabinet and it has not so much as burped. 1 year warranty is nice and obviously put in place to match Sony. Nice move much appreciated and just another sign that MS listens to their customers. I havent heard of anyone getting completely screwed by MS over any 360 meltdowns, in fact they reimbursed most people who paid for repairs. Important to note however if their was no Sony (competition) MS would not be so kind.

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The story is too old to be commented.