GTA V Single Player DLC Was Announced Two Years Ago Today

GTA 5 Cheats writes "Do any of you still have any hope for Story DLC being released for GTA V, or do you think it is no more than a dream?"

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ApolloTheBoss2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Should have been released by now. They're putting all their energy in multiplayer apparently.

-Foxtrot2109d ago

Waste of time

GTA is known for it's single player

Rockstar should get a studio they have and let them focus on a GTA Online game.

It should be separate from the main games and only uses the city/map that Rockstar creates for the main game.

This would allow Rockstar to put all their man power into the single player while a smaller studio can work on the online to come out after release...maybe as a download or free update

ApolloTheBoss2109d ago

Agreed. And with news of them possibly turning the next GTA into an MMO it doesn't sound like they're heading in the right direction with the series.

-Foxtrot2109d ago

I don't get why though.

A developer would only do this if they wanted a series to be more popular and rake in the the series wasn't doing as well as it once was and they needed to do something to try and bring in sales. Like when Resident Evil changed to an action game or when they made FF13 linear as hell. What about when Mass Effect turned into an over the top third person shooter action game with very little RPG moments.

However Rockstar make a shit load of money off GTA, they are always higher quality then other games these days and continue to sell really well with each new instalment.

What possible reason would they have of changing the games direction. For more money?

Greed is going to be their downfall. The online in my opinion hurt the ending of GTAV in my opinion when you had to quickly tie up "loose ends" just felt rushed.

Austin482109d ago

I agree I want single player I ain't big on gta online

MonsterChef2109d ago

You know why they are focusing all their resources on to the online component of gtaV. Its pretty simple, they can squeeze out more dollars for less content through online purchases. Take for example their most recent add-on (the low-rider one) did you see how expensive everything was on it? talk about a money grab, but what's worse is that people actually spend REAL money on those add-on's. We have only ourselves to blame for the current state of gaming. I saw this path when Microsoft forced Bungie to charge for Halo 2 maps. It took a decade but this slippery path is a full on slide now. I have not found my self hyped for any new games anymore, maybe its my age, maybe there just isn't any compelling new game features like they were in the ps2 era, idk..

RiseofScorpio2109d ago

I agree. It's not like you need a very talented studio just to add Cars, Boats and houses to the online. Let Rockstar focus on VI.

donwel2109d ago

I think Rockstar Leeds does a lot of work on GTA online these days, since R* doesn't seem to have any plans for another portable game in the near future.

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RiseofScorpio2109d ago

Two words: Shark Cards.

There's really nothing else to say as to why this DLC has been MIA for so long.

ginsunuva2108d ago

Yep. So much money probably made from those that they don't need to try anymore

Psychotica2109d ago

You would think with all the money that's been made some other developers would create some real competition. I would drop GTA in a second if another game supported the single player like they should.