Top 10: Essential Leipzig PS3 announcements

VideoGamer.com writes: "When Sony Europe boss David Reeves said that we'd see some Sony announcements at Games Convention 2008 we imagined all kinds of things. After figuring out Sony announcing the PS4 isn't all that likely we put together our Top 10: Essential Leipzig PS3 announcements. Based on what Sony showed at E3 and what we know is coming, these are the 10 announcements that gamers everywhere want to see. The kind of announcements and events that will have people talking about Sony and the PS3 for weeks after the show is finished."

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TheHater5788d ago

I really hope Sony show or mention that A second Heavenly Sword game is in the making. I love that game.

Xi5788d ago

If I recall correctly, they [ninja theory] are working on a multi-platform game right now that hasn't been announced, and they don't have a large enough team to work on 2 titles simultaneously.


However if sony renews a contract with them to make the next IP (remember sony owns the HS ip, like MS owns the gears/halo/pgr IP's) they'll likely work on it.


however it seems they are focusing on their multiplatform title.

Palodios5788d ago (Edited 5788d ago )

You might have missed this.

"Original Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory isn't working on a sequel to Heavenly sword, but that doesn't stop Sony farming out the IP to another studio"

Bordel_19005788d ago

Me too, I'd really like it if Heavenly Sword 2 was in production even if it wasn't from the Ninjas. I loved the first one, and a sequal has a lot of potential to be awesome.

marinelife95788d ago

That game was awesome. Some of the best voice acting I've ever witnessed. Rivals Uncharted in that area.

kinggeoff5788d ago

HS did not get anywhere NEAR the amount of credit that it deserved!

There was so much emotion in the characters. GREAT design. Animation was a little flaky at parts, but it hardly detracted from the overall experience of the game. And the closeups were just INCREDIBLE. The combat mechanics were deeper than yuo'd expect.

Pleeease let tehre be a sequel

mistertwoturbo5788d ago

Heavenly Sword was great. It's just too short for that kind of story, and almost zero replay value. It's one of those games you'll play once. Then maybe in a year just play it once more.

One more thing is that they should really just make the combat more like God of War. Sure it's a rip-off, but ripping off God of War correctly would just be awesome.

INehalemEXI5788d ago

I would have liked multiple unlockable costumes for Nariko.

clintos595788d ago

So I wouldnt count out not seeing a sequal since the first did sell a million copies. I totally agree with alot of u that it would be great to see a sequal. The first was great and a sequal would be even better especially if they add trophies, hell yeah baby bring it on. :)

Tomdc5788d ago

heveanly sword had a rubbish ending though i thourght, great overall though.

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ape0075788d ago

ps3 will defnetly dominate this show

Hagaf225788d ago

well thats obvious when they are the only console with a conference during the convention, lol. As for this list, if these 10 things happen this will be the convention to push sonys fan base through the roof.

Palodios5788d ago

Just about anything from Team Ico would probably make my legs go numb.

juuken5788d ago

Damn straight.
Great time to be a PS3 owner. :]

Relcom5788d ago

White Knight Chronicles is what i need personally.

TheHater5788d ago

I want that game more than Final Fantasy :) And I am a final fantasy fanboy.
But we will see more on White Knight at the Tokyo Game Show next month

Vertius5788d ago

"But we will see more on White Knight at the Tokyo Game Show next month"

Not next month. It's on during mid-October this year, I'm afraid. At least this means GC can gave some rather beefy announcements, instead of delaying them for TGS.

Oh, and White Knight Chronicles FTW.

m-s-8-25788d ago

Im salivating for WKC. If Sony were smart, they'd buy Level 5 already. They've proven they're incredible RPG developers (their worst on PS2 was Rogue Galaxy, and that was still a great game), and having an in-house studio would prove a major boon.

juuken5788d ago


More news about it because I wanna get that game so badly.

Mao5788d ago

Though 2008 is looking OKAY here in NA for RPGs, what with Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles exclusive and Eternal Sonata's improved PS3 debut, in Japan Sony is dead in the water with RPGs and Microsoft just got a huge boost from Tales.

It's time Sony started to get going with WKC. Supposedly, it's due before March 31, 2009 in Japan. I want that game like many others here in NA and the sooner it's out in Japan the sooner it's out here which is obviously all for the better.

I wouldn't be surprised with FFXIII going Multi, Last Remnant timed-exclusive to 360 and Tales success if Sony asked Level 5 to hurry up a little with this sure-fire AAA JRPG.

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Deviant5788d ago (Edited 5788d ago )

.....yep it is

why do u disagree ?
we ve been told -no GoW3
- no Mag
- no "SotC2" ...tgs anyone?
- no HS ...NT is working on something multi and sony
owns HS
wanna call me a fanboy ?...prove me wrong.

DavidMacDougall5788d ago (Edited 5788d ago )

I wana here about stuff i aint heard of yet not stuff i already know (M.A.G , GOW ,etc )

Thats why i dissagree

Plus there need time to work ,what you want for them to show you the same stuff?? Then you would be back he complaining!

"Iv already seen this i want something new "

Hagaf225788d ago

links to prove any of your theories? who says no game play? thats the usual order of things, announce a game, show the game, beta the game, release the game, enjoy the game. gow3 will definitely be there, with a release of march they have some type of footage, mag may not have game play but will have at least more info, hs was a huge success aside from the fact that it was a short game, so hs2 is bound why not announce it/show it and help dominate the show- and who says nt cant work on multiple titles?!?! i mean its not the size of ea but its got a good team that can handle more than one task.

Deviant5788d ago

HS......“We (Ninja Theory) never started work on HS2 as we wanted to focus on new multiplatform IP. Sony owns the IP for HS and we have never been privy to what they would do with it, .... http://www.videogaming247.c...

i might update my other points ...later

Shane Kim5788d ago

Im happy if they show some GoW3 gameplay.

juuken5788d ago

Are you serious?!
If Sony has twelve announcements, then they're bound to be good.It's better than no news at all.