EVE Valkyrie Gets New Screenshots & Gameplay Video

Take a look at EVE Valkyrie with this new gameplay video and screenshots.

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DarkOcelet1097d ago

The visuals looks really good. Damn, the immersion of those Sci Fi games with VR is gonna be insane.

Alexious1097d ago

Yeah. I just hope they fix that motion sickness.

S2Killinit1097d ago

Its the same phenomenon as sea sickness, some people will be prone to it, others will be jut fine. As for me, i felt just fine. Needless to say, i was glad.

DarkOcelet1097d ago

I am sure they will or else its gonna be problematic for them.

pandehz1097d ago

Everyones gonna throw up

Trilithon1097d ago

There's no sound, fire or smoke in space... Seriously though In terms of epicness, sound and music design does not hold up to game play and visual design. Unless they're going for that cheap arcade feel...