Dead or Alive 5 Gets Over Five Million Downloads; Free Costume for PS4 and Xbox One Coming

Today Koei Tecmo announced with a press release that the basic free version of its latest fighting game Dead or Alive 5 has reached five million downloads worldwide counting Last Round and Ultimate.

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1042d ago
blackblades1042d ago

Still got that last trophy to get for platinum on ps3. Doubt I get it dam survival mode.

rainslacker1041d ago

I gave up on survival. Got to round 98 and got beat. Was soul crushing and literally threw my fight stick across the room. Luckily it's of good quality, and only put a hole in the wall.:)

On the plus side, it saved me having to get the "DOA is my life" trophy through MP.

blackblades1041d ago

Who knows I might actually get it one day, cause I said the same thing with NGS2 coop trophy. 5 years later I ended up getting it.

kratoz12091042d ago

Is this the full version of dead or alive? Or a demo of some kind

Tiqila1042d ago

it's a free to play version of some sort

Army_of_Darkness1042d ago

Limited characters(4-5 choices), costumes and features I believe... So yeah, it's more like a demo than a full game. Played it a couple times before deleting it not to long ago.
The costume packs for this game is unbelievable! Like ridiculously pricy and to buy everything is $100 I think lol!

1042d ago
gamer78041042d ago

see tecmo, people over in the west love your games. bring doax3 to xbox one and ps4 please.

ErogeMaster1041d ago

Difference between downloads and actually supporting these Mofos with their wallets like with teh overpriced DLC and season pass. Hopefully Season pass will come to DOAX3.

gamer78041041d ago

if the game doesn't come to the west, you'll have to play on a japanese account. They won't have dlc on the US store if you import it :(