Levine on System Shock 3: "Would I turn my nose up at another round with Shodan? No"

2K Boston's Ken Levine has told VG247 that he "loves" the world of System Shock and would be interested in a third game in the EA-owned series if the opportunity arose.

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RadientFlux3808d ago

I would love to see a System Shock 3, though since the series has never really sold well I really doubt it.

Altered_Soul3808d ago

As much as I want to click on the disagree button, I can't argue with history.

I think if this is made, they could easily spin it, SS2 has gestated and even people who never played it have heard about its influence. Its half the reason Bioshock was so hyped (Successor to SS2 my balls, it was a heavily simplified version with admittedly a great story and graphics, but it lacked in gameplay severely).

I just hope that if they make it, it is not Bioshock in space, I want it to be System Shock 3.

SixTwoTwo3808d ago

This is definitely a longshot. But if I could have any one game this would be it.

mepsipax3808d ago

as long as it isn't the retarded love child bioshock then I will be happy.
Ken Levine = Sellout
It's not that bioshock is bad it's just that once you look through the great graphics and amazing atmosphere it's just system shock 2 bludgened several times over the head with a wrench, anyway, it's a competition between System Shock 3 and Deus Ex 3 to see who can make the least sh!tiest game.

Saint Sony3808d ago

For what ever console or system this comes I will buy it, I buy 2 if I have to.

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