GTA in the course of time

PCGH illustrates the evolution of the GTA series.

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BigKev453808d ago

One of the better series in gaming, no doubt!

Cajun Chicken3808d ago

GTA2, got nearly every game since then. Underage then too, lol. But it was only top down and as rude as BBC's 'The Young Ones'.

UnDone143808d ago

I love the GTA series. For me, the series reached it's peak with San Andreas. That's my favorite GTA.

Part 4 was ok, but for some reason it was missing something that the previous games had. It's replay value wasn't as rich as say San Andreas.

Eiffel3808d ago

San Andreas will always be Rockstars greatest I somehow knew before IV came out that it would never be able to beat San Andreas only thing it did beat at was Sales. But at least IV will get a second chance with its PC release MODS,Trainers,Customs. The GTA series has always done better on PC anyway.