Sonic Unleashed boxart revealed.

The Sonic Unleashed boxart has been revealed, Amazon has updated their UK site with boxart for every version. Click on the story to view it.

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Asurastrike4739d ago

Why can't we get a real Sonic game?

PirateThom4739d ago


I wanted this game, I saw the gameplay footage and was sold, because it pushed all the right buttons... then Sega made the fatal flaw of a nonsense element like werehogs.

I don't think Sega "get it". In Sonic the Hedgehog, we want to play as Sonic the Hedgehog - not a bunch of side characters and transformations.

They still have time to cut the werehog elements and pretend it never happened and then the game would have a chance.

GuardianEarth4739d ago

I can understand if other people feel it will "save" the franchise, but honestly, I don't think it will be good. Everyone said the same things about Next Gen, Secret Rings, etc.

AAACE54738d ago

But Nintendo kinda made the same evolution with mario and it worked out!

Maybe the reason Sonic has been stuck in a rut is because sega refused to change the formula the way they were meant to do!

The whole idea of this game is still a little sketchy to me, but I would be glad if this were the game to breathe new life into an old friend, and spark Sega to try harder to make 'great' games again!

himdeel4739d ago

...that's all I ask as my affection for Sonic gets pooped on with every game Sega has released for him since Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast.

Arsenic134739d ago

This game looked awesome while u play as Sonic, but then Sega had to stupidly make up the Werehog aspect of the game. This game is only half right of what the Sonic fans want. Sega is going downhill. They really need to work on games ppl want to see, like Shenmue 3.

AAACE54738d ago

Only a small number of people like us want/care about the Shenmue games... and it would take a miracle to revive the series! Something like a rabid gamer winning the lottery and funding it personally!

LevDog4738d ago

Bargain bin at blockbuster..

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