Uncharted: Drakes Fortune with trophies review

We here at That Gaming Site have never reviewed Uncharted, so we though what better time to review it than now?

Trophies bring a lot more fun to a game and makes them worth playing again and again…

Uncharted is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. The jungles, the ruins, the characters, the water. Everything blends well and looks even better.

On top of the graphics the game has a really great storyline. They say games are becoming more like movies, well this is one of the games. The storyline keeps you interested and guessing. Lets cut all this down now and take a closer look.

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Turbo Teddy3809d ago

Yeps.. It open my eyes again for that game.. Far to long it have been standing on the shelf - and with rumble - Win/Win situation

JUUKENS HOT3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

and i realised just how good this game is, all those bias reviewers who scored 8s just because it was a ps3 exclusive should be ashamed

graphically still the best game outthere not even mgs4 looks better than this

true AAA game

badz1493808d ago

to see Uncharted brought up again upon gamers' attention! this game is totally underrated! it came out in PS3's 1st year at the time lots of negative perceptions upon the PS3 itself, which unfortunately made Uncharted not as shiny as it should had been! it's an awesome game with great story, greatt gameplay and having among the best graphic seen on consoles up to date!

I personally totally love uncharted and it's a highly recommended game for everybody to experience! I'm on my 5th run now! 3 times before trophies and on 2nd run(hard) for the trophies!

morganfell3808d ago

Best Adventure game ever. Best looking console game to date.

One of the things discussed in the Making Of series on the game disc is how Nathan Drake is an every man, not superman. He runs and stumbles sometimes, makes those hilarious "Oh no oh crap" remarks when a grenade lands next to him, and made me laugh like hell when he whacked his head on that stone wall.

At the same time it has the most intense gun battles of any game I have ever played. There are so many times when you feel like you got out by the skin of your teeth. Just prior to getting on the jetski the first time, I got my Brutal Combo trophy for taking out 5 enemies in a row barehanded...and it wasn't intentional. I got to the top of the hill in that small parthenon area and they were on me. Getting an unintentional reward like that in the midst of that frantic scene was memorable. But far from the main reason to replay Uncharted time and again.

And to anyone else here that has played Uncharted, do we even need to tell other people that the jeep chase section is a blueprint for every developer on how to have fun in a vehicle? It is the best implementation of that mechanic ever.

Kleptic3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

same situation for me...these trophies got me into it again...and it is an excellent game...i wouldn't say it looks 'better' than MGS4 though...MGS4 looks better than any other game to date at times...I just prefer the pacing to Uncharted right now though...all that stealth all summer made me a really defensive player...was pretty funny the first times I played uncharted again recently; trying to sneak up on everyone...doesn't work that well, they spot you nearly instantly and plug you...fantastic game really did get some unfair reviews...its easily one of the top 5 single player games of this gen so far imo...anyone that 'enjoys' the combat in GTAIV should play Uncharted, and see how a real third person action game should play...and don't say Gears of War either...totally different...Uncharted and GTAIV (as well as MGS4) all share a similar camera mechanic...its not a first person shooter with your character brought out into view and a cover mechanic...Gears is fine, I am just saying its no more a third person game than R6Vegas would be if you could see the dude the entire time, instead of just from cover...

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Mr_Showtime13809d ago

I went to the bother of getting a Platinum too...!

Mr_Showtime13808d ago

I had no bother playing through that game again, reminded me how much I loved it.

DavidMacDougall3808d ago

Yeah Crushing was easy after chapter 8 tho but it still killed a couple of days

Andras843808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

How dare you have 10 more trophies than me?? :D I joke, I joke!

Anyway! Nice!

I have 61 trophies now. Got the platinum from Uncharted too! Now playing PJE and getting some trophies out of that. It's a hard game though!

@DavidMacDougall: Really?? I started playing Uncharted on crushing on Sunday morning and was done with it by 4 in the afternoon.

DavidMacDougall3808d ago

I played through it on easy got half the trophies , then normal got the rest , then hard , then crushing = Couple of days

Marceles3808d ago

Yeah Crushing was surprisingly easier than hard...alot of the guys walk up to you so you can blind fire them, on Hard most of them stay back and throw grenades and shoot. Even though I have all the trophies, I might go back and play it with unlimited ammo since I haven't tried yet...

Pesico3808d ago

@2.6: It's boring with unlimited ammo. It's much more fun on either hard or crushing without any unlockables used. With unlimited ammo, it's almost a walk in the park, and that aint funny.

Anyway, this is a great game. Played it through five times now, counting before and after the patch. Was fun to get all the medals again, now counting as trophies. Great deal of fun!

Kleptic3808d ago

so whats the deal with having the trophies getting turned off?...I have read a couple threads on it on the boards, and no one seems to have an exact reason for it...

I was about 50% through on normal yesterday, just collecting the last of treasures that I had missed in earlier play throughs...and somewhere in there the trophy system was disabled, but the auto-save feature saved it anyway...and I was stuck, had to restart in order to enable trophies again...

some guys claim it has to do with playing from a pre-patch which that can be looked at as 'cheating' for whatever reason...

some though claim they get turned off when you use certain bonus features from beating the game, regardless of if its from a pre-patch beating of the game or after...only bonus I had used was a different shirt of drake...started the game like that...but out of no where towards the end of chapter 6 they were disabled, which sucked, because I finally got the dyno-might expert, and iron fist expert (kill 5 guys in a row with brutal combos)...I struggled with both, and did not get a trophy for either...

to anyone planning on going through it for trophies...just delete all your old saves i from a brand new'll beat it in 10 hours anyway, since you know where to go...and keep multiple saves encase the game thinks you cheated for any reason...if you only have one game save, and trophies get turned off, and then the game auto-saves over it (happens at every chapter beginning without you even knowing, you don't get a message or anything)...needless to say it would suck to be doing well in hard or crushing and get some major trophies that never counted for whatever reason...

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KillahCam3808d ago

Yeah very nice I didn't buy this game at launch but when I heard trophies would be implemented I picked it up and to be honest I dont know what took me so long this game is fire, off the chain, im loving it!

timmyrulz3808d ago

Good god what next, you cant review the same game twice, trophies hasnt changed the game in anyway apart from the satisfaction of when you acomplish one,

PirateThom3808d ago

"We here at That Gaming Site have never reviewed Uncharted, so we though what better time to review it than now?"

timmyrulz3808d ago

I didnt realise that this was a first review, please disagree with my comment above with all the hatred of a sith lord

Figboy3808d ago

are we talking lame Prequel Sith Lords, or cool and scary Classic Trilogy, and or KOTOR Sith Lords?

just to clarify.

funkysolo3808d ago

They could also add treasure hunt multiplayer. Uncharted can have good multiplayer setup, besides deathmatch. The multiplayer could be like who can find the treasure faster and you have to fight through some pirates and against your friends. I think that would be some sick multiplayer right there if they explore it, rather than just have your standard deathmatch which to many games already have.

DaKid3808d ago

That would be cool i love this game, and to play through it with some friends would be awesome.

dogseye_deadhorse3808d ago

and have an up river rapid race on jet ski's.

Andras843808d ago

Enough with the damn multiplayer games. Almost every game has a multiplayer mode now and most of the suck!! Look at MGO, look at Splinter Cell Double Agent, The Darkness, GTA4.

Why waste money on a tacked on MP when you could spend that money to further improove the Single Player mode??

I'd say a game like Uncharted should stay single player!! It just has too! Uncharted was perfect for me without single player.

I say...spend the money on single player not on multiplayer!!

Wanna play MP games? COD4, Battlefield: Bad Company are there for you. Also MAG will come out, the Agency. There are plenty of MP games...let's not ruine Uncharted shall we?

DavidMacDougall3808d ago

They where saying on another topic hope there is online in MaxPayne3 its a single player game and its classic dont ruin it!!

Same with gta4 if there where no online there could have been more guns or something anything apart from a failed online which took them months when they could have improved the single player to have more replay -abilty

BlackTar3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Couldn't agree more MP are great and I love them to death. But its killing games and the ex. above are perfect of that. Its crap that people ar alike I want MP on a ridicules game Max payne 3 what would it be? Stupid is what it woul dbe like GTA4 stupid and a waste of time sure its great for 2 weeks but is months worth of dev time and money worth scarficing what really made these games famous and that is not MP.

tuaamin133808d ago

Something you unlock after beating it or something like that. So long as it's not expected like "Duke it out with 48 of your friends online!"

Maybe ala "Legend of the Hidden Temple." Minigame type things like scavenger hunts for treasure, racing (running/climbing/swimming), and brawling. Nothing huge, just for S&G with your friends.
Maybe we could even put together a silver monkey.

GarandShooter3808d ago

I would welcome a co-op mode. This is a great game to enjoy with a friend.

somethingSQUISHY3808d ago

A cooperative story mode would be fantastic. I mean, the gameplay would easily support the design decision to throw something like that in there. However, a competitive multiplayer (deathmatch, CTF, etc.) would be out of character and unnecessary.

Kleptic3808d ago

andras84...I totally disagree...MGO I thought was a very refreshing multiplayer is a shooter kind of, but the camera freedom and pacing radically changes the game...

and Uncharted without question has more suitable pacing for multiplayer imo...yet MGO proved that a camera and control system such as that works in a multiplayer environment...

Co-op would be the better of the two...its a blast to use Elena and flank enemies...the game has incredible AI, and it is always rewarding to be able to get them pinned and see how they still focus on the bigger threat (usually you if you get behind them)...being able to do that with a friend over a headset would be even better...

but yeah with some innovative game modes for competitive could be completely make it sound like a multiplayer component to the game would hurt it wouldn't...they already dialed in the single player gameplay perfectly...give us more of that with another story, and some multiplayer features...perfect sequel imo...

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