The Phoney War

Winston Churchill called it the "Twilight War"; to the French, it was the "drole de guerre", the "funny war"; British newspaper hacks of the era dubbed it the Bore War. Even the Germans had a pun for it, calling it the "Sitzkrieg" or "sitting war". The months after the invasion of Poland and subsequent declaration of war between the Allied and Axis forces in 1939 were a peculiar period in history, when everyone knew there was going to be a fight, everyone was tooling up for the inevitable conflict, and nobody was quite prepared to commit to throwing the first punch.

Looking back over the last 12 months in the videogames industry, this has also been the year of a Phoney War. Plenty of sabres have been rattled; propoganda campaigns have been launched, and relaunched; some wild shots have gone over the bows, but as the year comes to a close, it's increasingly clear that the war we expected in 2006 has taken a rain-check. Instead, we've been left with a messy year, a year more beset by rumour and hyperbole than fact, and a year where the winners and losers in this industry are as indistinct as the accomplishments or failures which elevate them to that status...

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THWIP5252d ago

The guy never really said anything with conviction, so what's the point?

calderra5252d ago

So basically, he's saying that any year in which there's not a clear winner in the console industry means it was a terrible year, I guess?