Madden-Less: Top 10 People Who Won't Buy Madden 09

It's everyone's favorite (or most hated) website Game Daily's Top ten list of.... People who won't buy madden
10. Your mom
9. Your girlfriend
8. The Amish
7. Jim Brown
6. NFL 2K Fanboys
5. Freaks and Geeks
4. PC owners
3. Zombies
2. The Chinese Olympic Ping Pong Team
1. Video game editors (we get it for free!)

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NegativeCreepWA3811d ago

Or there like me and wont buy EAs yearly trash.

thereapersson3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I'm with you there.

One of my housemates bought the collector's edition of Madden '09. It cost him 99 dollars. I looked at him like he was crazy when he showed me that he spent almost a hundred dollars on Madden, let alone a video game.

Eiffel3811d ago

I didn't know people still played sport games.

kapedkrusader3811d ago

...I doubt you get it at all.

dachiefsman3811d ago

i would rather play Blitz than Madden.

LevDog3811d ago

I played my friends madden yesterday.. Its alllllot better... but it didnt leave me with a feeling to buy it.. It has the same feeling it always gives me.. The feeling I wont play it in 1 month..

Now if my GF buys it for me.. Then its ok.. Just not a game I will spend my own money on

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