Explaining Fanboyism Through Cognitive Dissonance

Thomcult: One possible explanation for the vehement and evangelic nature of the modern fanboy lies in the theory of cognitive dissonance. The phenomenon, coined by social psychologist Leon Festinger, describes the tendency of individuals to justify and rationalise decisions and choices even when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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ChickeyCantor3771d ago

Cognitive Dissonance

Somehow I'm reminded of castlevania....

Castlevani:Cognitive Dissonance

Anyway back on topic XD

Montrealien3771d ago

"It is possible that when trying to justify their own decision between such similar offerings that consumers could turn hostile against the competing products, not because they’re no good but because they need to prove to themselves that their choice was the right one."

Quote of the day.

Great read.

DavidMacDougall3771d ago

I dont like Microsoft they treat there customers like s**t

Montrealien3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

ahh, if only I would still hold a grudge against Sony for the 3 PS1s and 2 PS2s I had to buy because their console had no known issues, which to this day stands, those consoles where perfect in sony`s opinion all 45 skus.

Both companies have horror stories from customers, heck, I bet Proctor Silex have a few pissed off customers because their toaster went bad after a year. Stereotypes suck.

DavidMacDougall3771d ago

30% Failure rate is shocking for anything and just to rush it to "try" and beat Sony .

Then you get the Microsoft help line trying to trick you into gettin a new one because its your fault it broke not theres fu*king bull****

N4g_null3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Man this guy that hates MS is young. SONY told us to buy new PS2. Most PS1 ended up being played upside down LOL. I laugh now but at least you get some thing we just got a chance to buy another one that's it. I wouldn't doubt that the PS brand numbers are inflated by some huge number. I stay away from bad product period now. I'll see what is broken and see what measures where taken to fix it. Then maybe I'll bite.

This article was illustrated when the PS3 started to sale. The Xbox guys totally went at the PS3, no games, look at your sales, look at our game sales, WOW you guys suck etc. While all SONY fans had was hype that was not paying off it was truly crazy. While the Wii was ignored so it could silently become the second system that so many say collect dust LOL. My PS2 and 1 collected lots of dust but I still bought them and their replacements.

It really is hard taking a fanboy seriously now. Back in the day you played with fanboism but you wanted panzar dragoon and you had arcades for all fanboys to look up to. The market was more unified now every thing is looked down upon. Every one trolls even the media. You use to be able to talk to them and instantly find out what was hot by their standards and not the pop hype standards. They where mostly well informed. It's almost like SONY made them all lazy this gen.

The funny thing is Posting on the Internet is about being right and lots of people believe that if you can argue your point then you are right. The current trend has resulted in mobbing and ganging up on people similar to what happens on online FPS servers. Oyeah I might add live did nothing good for fanboys because it put them in direct contact with the 733t players and gave them a mic LOL.

After years of PC gaming I cringed the day UT came with mic support! From now on I always play muted and I still have lots of fun. Most people are not that useful with a mic anyway, Oh Oh they are coming, where? BAM your dead...LOL You can just look up and see who is dead and realize they are coming most of the time.

Great article though. The angrier the fans get the more likely they are going to leave the sport. Seriously agree to disagree but if you like some thing voice your good words it helps believe me. Eventually they all come to their senses and I'm sure the cult guys are all going back to school of planting gardens now.

Montrealien3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Let me ask you this David, how many 360`s have you had?

DavidMacDougall3771d ago

lol come on you think i would buy one , friend had one. Safe to say he got a ps3 now but there ****ed him 6ways from sunday said he had it in the wrong "position" and it was his fault it broke

I had a ps2 from the first model to the slim version came out same with ps1 so they have treated me good

Im quessing Montrealien your the same but on Microsofts side

Montrealien3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Nope, I`m on the gamer side.

I`ve had issues with my PS1 and 2 which sony never recognized, ever, and I moved on. I`ve blown in more NES cartidges and fiddled with them to work more times then I can count, I`ve had one disc read error on my 360 under waranty , got it back in 2 weeks with 2 months of Live gold in the box (no one tried to tell me to buy another one). And I`ve had my l PS3 60gb monster awesomesauce console since launch. (easily the best playstation product in years, well worth it`s price at launch imho.

The 30% failure rate was a calculated risk on MS`s part, a really stupid one at that but at least that have come forward and admited to there huge mistake, something Sony has yet to do with there previous manufacturing mistakes, which granted, where not as hefty as the 360 failure rates.

thank you for answering my question, I presumed you never actually owned one. I guess it`s about perspective. Sterotypes suck, even though they have some merrit, they still suck.

BlackTar3771d ago

Montri, you know how to spin.

Montrealien3771d ago


Yep, my life long dream is to spin everything back to the most important thing in the Videogames industry...Games ;D

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fafoon3771d ago

In 1 word

BOTS !!!!!!!

Montrealien3771d ago

OHhh DISSSsSSSS fafoon!!! you are the man! So fresh, so clean!

DavidMacDougall3771d ago

And here we are on a topic about fanbois who they really are lol Laterz

Oh and btw im 20

(Man this guy that hates MS is young - scissor_runner )

Montrealien3771d ago

and since when has 20 been considered old? :p

DavidMacDougall3771d ago

Who said anything about old he said i was young .I might not look it but **** you i have ID lol

SoIid Snake3771d ago

It's Power of Green's head.

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