New Tomb Raider trailer

Looks like it's time to test Ian Livingstone's claim that you'll be "drooling" at the sight of the new Lara Croft, with the first trailer for Tomb Raider: Anniversary up on Eurogamer TV.

Showing off Lara's younger look, with Keeley Hawes purring over the top and dinosaurs and jumping and all sorts, the trailer's certainly a tempting glimpse of Crystal Dynamics' follow-up to the surprisingly good Legend earlier this year.

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Lucidmantra5254d ago

Is this a new adventure or the remake?

I thought this was the remake of the first one?

Either way it looks ok but it is not DRool worthy until they get a highres body scan of Angelina Jolie into the game. I play the games because they are pretty fun not to oogle over Laras current abount of polygons and jiggle. I want to see giggle I will get DOAX2