Minecraft: Wii U Edition Doesn’t Allow Inventory Management On The GamePad

Minecraft: Wii U Edition isn’t going to allow you to manage your inventory on the Wii U GamePad from the get-go. This is according to Mojang‘s director of creative communications, Owen Hill, who says the controller’s touch screen can only be used as an alternate screen for those who want to utilize the off-TV play feature.

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gokuking2119d ago

Talk about wasted potential.

Muadiib2119d ago

You don't think they will add it in an update at some point? I bet my life they will.

wonderfulmonkeyman2119d ago

I certainly hope so!

Not adding this feature is just another bit of proof that a lot of popular third party game makers don't know what they're doing when they make games for Wii U.

This is kind of an essential thing that they HAVE to add if they want the game to sell to the Wii U audience, or indeed anyone at all who feels that this game would be just one more good reason to get the system.

The fact that it's not a thing from the get-go is highly disappointing, if not scoff-worthy.

And to think that I was looking forward to it...

Dabigsiebowski2119d ago

Why would they? A superior feature on a competitor's console? This is a cash in and not something they are going to take advantage of. Message me in the future if I'm wrong but come's pretty obvious.

Nevers0ft2119d ago

I wouldn't hold your breath on an update to add the feature. Many of the other Minecraft ports are sorely in need of patches or updates and they've not been very forthcoming. I have the sneaking suspicion that this is going to be less of a port and more of a "throw it at the console and see what sticks" approach :/

PhoenixUp2119d ago

That's the first thing people think about when they imagine Minecraft on Wii U

MetroidFREAK212119d ago

It really was my first thing I thought about... Haha

Metallox2119d ago

Wonder why they overlooked the option. It's quite silly, really.

FallenAngel19842119d ago

Way to miss the whole point of porting this to Wii U

hatsume-miku2119d ago

He said "at the moment", maybe if the game sells well they will add it in a second moment. Anyway I'm not interested in this game.

wonderfulmonkeyman2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

It shouldn't have to "sell well" to add in a feature that is practically the one thing that COULD make it sell well in the first place.XD

Asking that it sells well before this feature is added in, is the perfect example of the old phrase "putting the cart before the horse."

The content presented has to justify the sales they want, or the game has no chance of reaching those sales in the first place.
That's just how it is, and I'm honestly saddened and baffled that so many third parties don't understand that simple logic.XD

hatsume-miku2119d ago

I agree, I was just saying that he said "at the moment"...

N4g_null2119d ago

Nope I wouldn't buy it. I hope a knock off comes out and does better now.

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The story is too old to be commented.