MadWorld controversy reaches The Sun

MCV: Yesterday's astonishing attack in The Daily Mail on Sega's Wii title Madworld has gathered momentum – with both Metro newspaper and The Sun following suit.

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Fishy Fingers3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Daily Mail first, now The Sun. I imagine The Mirror will be on this tomorrow.

Either way, Nintendo have expressed they want to cater to more than the casuals. This is just advertising this for them.

For anyone outside of the UK, the 3 papers I have listed above are renowned for their journalistic rants. Todays news is tomorrow chip paper.

ChickeyCantor3723d ago

"MadWorld lets players impale enemies on road signs, rip out their hearts and execute them with chainsaws and daggers.

Yeah, you know so much about this game to only point this out =)....if only sniping people was legal >=(.

Irishrocket693723d ago

Sounds like a great game to me, I'm reserving my copy right before I go see Tropic Thunder today, I hate people who are always P.C.!

BlackCountryBob3723d ago

It is funny really how The Sun is always campaigning against political correctness and how people should be left alone to make their own choices.

BlackCountryBob3723d ago

Its funny really, I was at the cinema a while back to see WallE but it was the same screen I saw Death Proof on, weirdly Death Proof had not ruined the family friendly image of that screen; I wonder why the wii having an adult game destroys the family friendly image of WiiSports.

I am sure there are legions of reactionary middle class parents who are right now removing their children's Wii from the house just in case; I wonder what the kids will do instead considering they have already been banned from going outside because there are Paedophiles everywhere (according to the sun, one on every corner; seriously there are more prowling paedos than Starbucks), cannot watch movies because they feature smoking, drinking or violence, cannot eat junkfood or anything with an additive or surf the net (more paedos and bullies there). Maybe they will find something else to do like watch the news and see the happy nature of our world.

I am sure the sun and its parent company Fox will lead the charge for family friendly media by getting rid of page 3, bad language and any movie which is rated above PG.

What a joke, games are flavour of the month to be the social ill of the day, except when the games are paying to advertise on the pages of the Sun or metro.

Panipal20053723d ago

That first paragraph. Just beautiful.

Demonsdown3723d ago

People still read news papers? o.0

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The story is too old to be commented.